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by Fahad Saleem Best Online Hotel Booking Service in Africa based in Lagos, Nigeria provides online services for hotel booking. It was founded by Africa Internet Holding as a joint partnership between Millicom and Rocket Internet. Jovago makes the booking process for customers convenient by putting online the various top hotels and popular traveling destinations. It is by far the best booking portal in Africa giving fast, reliable and convenient services.

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Without any doubt, Jovago offer the users the widest range of hotels, having a listing of more than 2,000 hotels cutting across Africa. The site is run by a team of 50 members, with a listing of the best curated hotels from Africa and other continents. Their Online Booking Service are also secure and reliable which ensure the users’ experience in booking rooms is as convenient and easy as possible while guarantying their security while they carry out online transactions. This booking portal has been designed to be user friendly and despite this it will not charge you to use its services. You can pay for the hotel charges via the hotel payment systems or by using Secure Online Payment options.

The website has a loyal customer base driven by a strong presence in the social media which ensure that the site takes care of the changing needs of the customers by keeping as close to them as possible. It has been observed that over the years, the horizon for Online Booking Service has been expanding steadily. Although the site has a list of many African hotels, users can still get hotels outside Africa also listed on the site, and can just as easily book accommodation on these hotels as well.

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The Managing Director of said that when they started the site back in 2013, most of the hotel infrastructure and market in Africa were underdeveloped: they lacked adequate facilities and the customer services were not so reliable. But due to the increased numbers of business trips, leisure trips the demand for online hotel booking increased tenfold. Hence they came up with in order to provide the best services for these customers. The site’s higher officials intend to set the site as the leading online hotel book site by providing the best travel booking services in Africa. So the next time you think of visiting the magnificent continent of Africa, you can book yourself a room hustle free by visiting

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