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Jay Z’s Tidal Donating $1.5 Million Towards #BlackLivesMatter Course

by Felix Omondi
Jay Z’s Tidal Donating $1.5 Million Towards #BlackLivesMatter Course

The music streaming service founded and run by musicians Tidal held a concert last year October in Brooklyn, New York dubbed Tidal 20. The concert was held to celebrate Tidal’s one millionth subscription, which was a milestone achievement given its late entrance into the streaming business. Not forgetting it is going up against the industry’s heavyweights like Spotify and Apple Music.

Tidal announced that the proceeds from the Brooklyn concert will be donated towards the course of political movements like the Black Lives Matter among other social justice organizations. Tidal together with Roc Nation will be donating $1.5 million towards the social justice movements.

The announcement was made the same day Trayvon Martin would have been celebrating his 21st birthday on Feb 5, 2016. Martin’s shooting brought to the surface a lot of the racial mistrust and discrimination issues America is struggling with. Martin’s case even led to US President Obama weighing in on the matter.

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