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Jelani Aliyu – General Motor’s Senior Creative Designer Credited For The Design Of The Chevy Volt

by Milicent Atieno

Jelani Aliyu – General Motor’s Senior Creative Designer Credited For The Design Of The Chevy Volt
Jelani Aliyu – General Motor’s Senior Creative Designer Credited For The Design Of The Chevy VoltTo the well-informed fans of automobile, you probably know that as per January 2014, Chevrolet Volt was voted the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the market currently. This is according to ratings done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Volt employs a technology that combines electric mode and gasoline consumption of 3.8 L/100 km. The Chevy Volt runs purely on batter-power till the battery capacity drops below a certain threshold level that its internal combustion engine kick-starts and powers an electric generator which will extend the vehicles range. While the engine is running it has the ability to be periodically linked mechanically to the traction motor, which will improve its energy efficiency.

There is no doubt the Chevy Volt comes with superior technology and design to make it not only eco-friendly but also quite a nice set of wheels to “roll down the streets in”. The average automobile fan probably knows in-depth details on the Volt, but should you ask any of them if they know Jelani Aliyu. You will probably get a clueless blank stare.

Jelani Aliyu is the creative mind behind the Chevrolet Volt. Aliyu comes from Sokoto State of Northern Nigeria working as the Senior Creative Designer of the US General Motors. He is the man who designed the Chevrolet Volt which has become one of the most admired American cars globally.

Mr. Aliyu beams with so much pride when he describes his homeland: “I was born and grew up in Nigeria, Land of the Niger crocodile, The Baobab tree, And the midday sun, Nigeria. Where smiles are free like the bright blue sky And the beautiful stars of the night”. Aliyu can be said to have had a fascinating childhood whereby he grew up with wild imaginations on various types of World Class Automobile and Industry Designing. For as far back into his childhood as he can remember, Aliyu always wanted to become a “crème de la crème” car designer. Few professionals can say that they lived up to their fascinating childhood dreams and fantasy, but Mr. Aliyu seem to be one of the very few.

Aliyu first undertook architectural studies, which is as close to car designing as one can get in Nigeria. He later enrolled to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where he undertook a course in Transportation Design. After graduating, Mr. Aliyu received a job at General Motors. He worked at the GM Tech Center for 3 years until when he sent to Germany on an international assignment at Opel which lasted for about 2 years. After his assignment in Germany, Aliyu returned to the GM Tech Center; this was the point in his career where he came up with the design for the Chevrolet Volt Electric Car: a prototype vehicle that was is not only GM’s pride, but also has a significant importance in terms of championing eco-system conservation.

The magnitude of the imagination that Jelani Aliyu placed in this car design cannot be appreciated enough. As attested by the magnificent appearance, speed and performance of this car. To underscore this fact, Jelani Aliyu was quoted saying: “We must never underestimate the amazing power of human imagination, the ability to envision a dramatically positive and dynamic future. Every great city, every monument, every historic feat, as it stands for all the world to see, was once pure thought, pure imagination acted upon and brought into reality. To imagine is to dream, to dream is to tune in to the ever fascinating possibilities of the future. And when we do dream, it must be big, because dream small is to totally underestimate the amazing capabilities that lie within each and every one of us”.

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