Job Market Report: Data Analysis is among the most lucrative jobs

data analysis

Want to be a highly sort after job candidate in this job-scarce economy? Then arm yourself with some data analysis skills. As human resource managers are experiencing a shortage of job candidates with data analysis skills.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), data analysis is currently one of the most sort-after and lucrative skills a job candidate could have. A career path in data analysis also promises a great deal of success for any candidate with the right aptitude.

SHRM also states that 59% of organizations are planning on increasing the number of position data analysis will hold at their companies within the next five years.

Sam Paddock, the CEO, and co-founder of GetSmarter, an online e-learning platform based in Cape Town, South Africa said:

The advent of the big data era has resulted in data analysis becoming integrated into almost every application across all sectors and areas of business. So it’s not surprising that data analysis is considered the most important skill for any professional to learn.”

Paddock and company believe that online short courses do go a long way in arming individuals with data analysis skills. They also believe it will be of value to existing data analysts as it will help them stay ahead of the curve in their lifelong learning and sharpening of their skills path.

They can walk away from the course with a sought-after skill set and certificate in data analysis, backed by a top university,” adds Paddock.

The role of Data Analysts in organizations

These days, to gain competitive advantage and drive innovation within the company, organizations are taking in a lot of data about their customers. They are literally mining their customers’ data so that they can preempt their moves and present goods or services they need it, when they need it, where they need it, and how they need it.

However, all that data means nothing if it is not correctly analyzed and interpreted. That is where the data analysts come in, they sieve these data and come up with informed analysis that gives the company a viable business intelligence. The job requires a candidate with a logical mind and the ability to communicate effectively and concisely with their team members who are not data analysts themselves.

The ideal candidate for data analysis job is one with is analytical by nature, has strong mathematical skills, well organized, curious, and inquisitive by nature.

They are the human factor in translating numbers into easy-to-understand outcomes and suggestions,” adds, Paddock.

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