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Jobrapido – the Smart Intuition Tech making Job Hunting convenient for Job Seekers

by Felix Omondi

Most of us, at one point in our lives, have done some job hunting. Perhaps you are job hunting right now, and if you ‘kind of’ got a job, you may still be hunting for another. It is no news that hunting for a job is a hard job in itself. However, Jobrapido wants to make it a whole lot more convenient.

Jobrapido is a smart intuition technology that makes job searching easier. The pain with job searching either physically from one work premises to the next is the fact you often have to ‘kiss the wrong frogs before you get your prince.’ The same goes for searching for jobs online.

You often have to go from one platform to the other, send hundreds of resumes to countless job adverts, and then crickets! That is total and complete silence from your application email; not so much as a regret email informing you that you didn’t meet the qualification for what they wanted.

The process is exhausting, monotonous, and time-consuming. Well. Jobrapido says that is all because you have been replying to the wrong jobs. You are sending your applications where they will not get as much as a look halfway. The smart intuition tool wants to expose you to the jobs you are a right fit; sparing you the effort of shooting blanks into the open-dark-cold-empty space.

How Jobrapido works

When you type in the search term for the jobs you are interested in, Jobrapido returns search results with jobs where you are most qualified. The search hits returns also include job openings suggestions that may have come up before. The load of running deep searching is done by Jobrapido, giving you time to spruce up your CV to its optimal for a given job. Not waste time running the deep searches, which is what you want to do to get the right jobs.

Take, for instance, you search for jobs in Liverpool via Jobrapido or an Administrator job. You will type the search term administrator on the search box and hit enter. Then the search result will be populated by jobs fitting the job title. With Jobrapido, you get an additional box next to the administrator jobs with suggestions like office assistant jobs requiring administrative skills within the area you ran the search.

In other typical job searches, the office assistant jobs requiring administrative skills will not have been shown. You end up having cast your net on a very small area in the job-fishing-waters; Jobrapido casts your net far and wide in the waters and returns only the most relevant job listings.

Jobrapido organizes the search hits in the same fashion you see books get arranged at the library or garment on the online clothing stores. Where you find each item arranged in categories and sub-categories that will make finding what you are looking for easier and faster. Just like in the library where when you go to buy a book, you also get other book recommendations based on the type of book you want.

The recommendations are intuitively made based on the authors and titles of the book. Jobrapido also works in the same fashion. The site gives you the next best alternative based on your search.

The Technology running behind the Smart Intuitions

The technology used by Jobrapido is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Enabling the site to predict the best suitable match with regards to the primary search keyword or phrases used.

The site employs AI and ML even in as far as running the interviews for selected job candidates. Overall, the technology behind Jobrapido will benefit not just the job seekers, but also employers looking to recruit their next star employee. It will save time for both parties and match the right employee to the right employer.

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