Jobs in Canada: Prospects, Opportunities and Salaries

Jobs in Canada: Prospects, Opportunities and Salaries

Canada is a place with an affordable cost of living and low crime rate. It’s a great option for those who are seeking highly paid and best jobs. Here are some best and most in-demand jobs in Canada with their prospects, opportunities and salaries.

Registered Nurse

Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and psychiatric facilities. You are required to have a degree or diploma in registered nursing. You need to register with a provincial regulatory body. The median salary of a nurse is $37.47 per hour.

The number of nurses had grown by 33% over the past five years. The government expects to have a balanced number of jobs and people looking for work in this position by 2023.

IT and Technology jobs

Canada offers best tech jobs with developers taking the top spot. System administrators, data analysts, quality assurance analyst, help desk analyst and IT managers are some of the several new entries this year. This field offers best salaries in Canada, with average salary $81,750. The top skill requirement in Canada is Java, followed by Linux and JavaScript. SQL, Python, C#, C++ and agile are some of the other most demanding skills in Canada.

Economic Development Director

This job is focused on making cities, towns and economic regions prosper. It requires a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, commerce or public administration. It also requires an experience of economic development officer or economist. Average salary is around $113,000, depending on experience, responsibility and province of work. Canada is currently offering a job for every job seeker in this field.

University Professors

The average university professor is earning around $100,327 per year in Canada. It requires years of dedication and particularly a PhD in your chosen field to become a university professor. This profession has a good earning potential and work-life balance.

Aerospace Engineer

This industry is playing an important and high-profile role in Canada’s economy. This field requires an engineering degree, even master’s degree or PhD. Along with it, you will need to attain licensing by a provincial association of professional engineers. The average salary of an Aerospace engineer is $90,000 with 20% growth in wages over the past five years.

Audiologist and Speech-language Pathologist

They help people with hearing loss or communication disorders by working in hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Average salary is around $83,000. This is one of the growing fields in Canada with 48% more people working as audiologists and speech-language pathologists than there were in 2012.

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

In this job, you are responsible for a brand or organization’s public image. You are required to have a university degree or college diploma in communications, public relations, marketing or journalism. The average salary is around $83,000. The government expects that there will be an equal number of job openings and people seeking for work five years from now.

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