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Jovago Kenya Looks At The Top Five Travel Resolutions For The Rugged Traveler

Jovago Kenya Looks At The Top Five Travel Resolutions For The Rugged Traveler

Travelling more? Follow these 5 Steps

Jovago – Africa’s leading online hotel booking platform on how to stick to your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions are a global phenomenon, we all believe in the power of a fresh new start yet our motivation barely keeps that peak throughout the year. Richard Wiseman, researcher at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) reveals that more than 78% of New Year Resolutions merely go past the first quarter of the year. A study reveals that among all New Year resolutions; giving up smoking was found to be the hardest, followed by losing weight and staying fit. Surprisingly, traveling did not appear anywhere!

This could be because, unlike personal habits, travel is an experience that you can’t take on or opt out on the whim of the New Year hype. As Jovago, Africa’s

leading Online Hotel Booking site clarifies; the resolution to travel more is a process that calls for more than a one-night quirky decision. Follow these 5 steps to have a more adventurous and a travel-rich year and make sure that traveling does not count among your failed resolutions of 2015.

Plan Ahead

Unless it’s an urgent business trip to the other side of the globe, train yourself to plan ahead. Break your great travel plan into small baby steps and set timely durations on the achievements.

Approaching this in a smart way gives one the advantage of self-appraisal, thus keeping you in check.

Travel within borders

This is as simple as mastering your surroundings before testing overseas. Let’s assume you are in Nairobi: take a hike up Ngong’ Forest before trying a scale up Mt. Kenya. Discover your local heritage, this will in turn help you appreciate different heritages and cultures.

Forget Touring, Embrace Travel

As renowned writer and poet Gilbert K. Chesterton once quoted, “The Traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he comes to see.” Adapt an open mind anytime you are outdoors, it’s the only way to discover the undiscovered or unravel mysteries that have so long eluded tourists bent on taking selfies against the wonders of the world! Truth is if everyone focused and only stuck to the path on the Guide’s itinerary, then a lot of nature’s fascinating history and mystery would remain unexplored.

Be an Ambassador for Responsible Travel

Very well illustrated in the UNWTO Code of Ethics; make positive impact in your destination by economically and socially contributing to the local’s welfare e.g. buy local crafts, souvenirs etc., preserve natural environment; remember the golden rule to sustainable tourism, “the only two things you can leave with are photos and memories”.

Keep your health in check-take all your

vaccines and finally respect human rights as well as the culture of your host community. Learn as much as possible about your destination and take time to understand the customs, norms and traditions. Avoid behavior that could offend the local population. Familiarize yourself with the laws and abide by the same.

Embrace Technology: Travel Easier and Cheaper!

Until in the 1990s a major share of global electronic transactions in tourism all pointed to airlines. With the rise in e-tourism, travelers can now review, research, book, pay and recommend both hotels and destinations without leaving their seat.

Join the movement and be part of this travel-changing experience. Online hotel booking platforms such as provide worldwide access to hotels thus taking note of specific traveler preferences. Similarly, these services are available on mobile platforms, websites.

This one is shocking…

Professor Wiseman’s study illustrates that while men will have more shots at success with measurable goals i.e. climb Mt. Kilimanjaro by the end of March or lose five kilograms by February, women on the other hand thrive better with social encouragement and support. So, if you belong to the fair race, start by letting know your family and supportive friends of your New Year’s resolution.

About Jovago is an online hotel booking service with regional headquarters in Nairobi, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Pakistan. Founded by Africa Internet Holding the company has MTN as one of the investors., Africa’s No.1 booking portal, facilitating the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services. has over 15,000 local hotel listings across Africa and close to 200,000 hotels around the world.

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