JUA Energy 5200mAh Powerbank Review


The JUA Energy 5200mAh is designed to charge devices on the go. It features an ultra-slim body made of aluminium material giving you a feeling of trust and confidence and a firm grasp in your palm. The functionality to charge Android, iOS, Windows and just any other device chargeable by USB is a big plus.

The JUA energy power pack is no larger than a palm’s grasp making it a pretty small but powerful device, fun and easy to carry around without even noticing that it is in your pocket. The device has a touch of black and silver making attractive. The bank also features a gold colour.


Without a doubt in my mind, the JUA Energy 5200mAh is up to the task. With both a standard and a micro USB port, you can combine the ability to charge the device while simultaneously charging your smartphone. 4 blue LED indicators will also help you know exactly how much power you have remaining. If all lights don’t show, then your device is completely flat. On the other hand, the bank goes to sleep mode within 45 seconds of being unplugged or when the battery fills up to save you power for the next use.

Charging the device from 0% takes approximately 9 hours which means an entire night. For those who plug in their smartphones to power before sleep, you just found yourself another partner. The on-button, LED lights, micro and standard USB ports are all on one side.

Usage and Performance

Scientifically speaking, most powerbanks lose between 20-30% of their battery capacity through heat and voltage conversion, should my assumption be true then the amount of power stored at any one time inside the 5200mAh should not exceed 5000mAh assuming the 200mAh go to energy loss.

That said, I was able to charge my HTC Desire 616 three times on its flat 2000mAh battery, which is enough to last you a return trip to Mombasa providing 16 hours of backup usage assuming each trip lasts 8 hours. Saying that the device exceeds expectations is an understatement because it does just more than that.

Price and Summary

It’s interesting to note that JUA Energy also has other high capacity powerbanks up-to 10,000 mAh, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones and solar home systems that can be purchased online Jumia who will deliver to you anywhere in Kenya. Downtown, you can find their products at Nakumatt, Tricom, Text Book Center, Office Mart. I summarize that the power bank is worth every cent of the Ksh. 1,999 and recommended for any person out there. To say the least, it’s super cool.

This review was written by Robinson Murage, the Communications Manager at Jumia Kenya.

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