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Jumia and Kaymu Partner to Launch AIG- Express in Kenya

Jumia and Kaymu Partner to Launch AIG- Express in Kenya

Leading online marketplaces Jumia and Kaymu say initiative will create thousands of jobs

Jumia and Kaymu have partnered to launch a joint initiative AIG-Express that will provide a fulfillment and delivery platform for online sellers across Africa. The initiative is forecasted to create thousands of jobs across Kenya.

The new venture, AIG express will incorporate established and growing logistics providers into a single network to meet the growing needs of online sellers and provide a constant stream of business through consolidation of sales volumes from the two leading e-commerce companies.

According to Indrek heinloo who is leading the initiative across Africa “The venture is currently delivering up-to 100,000 packages a day for Jumia and Kaymu with the number expected to grow five-folds by the end of the year.”

AIG Express will oversee the technological and skill development training for logistics entrepreneurs to process “Pay on delivery” transactions, electronic tracking of packages alongside mobile equipment for effective communication with sellers and customers a lacking for which the venture says has been a drawback for logistics companies from tapping into the e-commerce front.

Presently there are close to 10,000 employees, contractors and sales agents across Africa whose primary income comes from the Africa Internet Group. With Kenya’s e-commerce growing by double digits every month, Kenya is set to benefit heavily from the initiative.

Sacha Poignonnec, co-CEO Africa Internet Group, said: “When we look at unemployment rates, and when we see the growth of e-commerce, we are optimistic about the opportunities this new industry brings. We believe the ecosystem of jobs that will emerge around e-commerce over the coming decade will provide a lot of opportunities, and logistics services are a key contributor to this”.

Also to benefit from the initiative are the thousands of entrepreneurs, SME’s and international brands selling on Jumia and Kaymu. With affordable prices for deliveries, efficiency and a better customer experience sales are expected to skyrocket ensuring better profits.

We welcome any and all logistics companies to join the AIG Express network and benefit from the unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunities that e-commerce provides on the continent. As long as the companies are able to provide reliable logistics services in line with our standards, we can link them onto our logistics platform and provide sustainable and growing volumes for their business.”  Pierre Hébrard MD AIG express Kenya said.

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