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Other than just Privacy and Security, what else can you get from a VPN?

by Felix Omondi
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What comes to your mind when you think of a virtual private network (VPN)? Chances are high; you think of online privacy, security, and freedom to browse what you want.

Well, for most people, that is all they want out of a VPN. In our today’s feature, we are going to show you other VPN features power users have been using for a more truly rewarding online browsing. These features include:

Seeing pricing of same the commodities in different regions

If for some reason you want to compare the prices of the same commodities in various regions. You might have encountered some problems in how some apps and sites switch back and forth. Instead of having to go through working out the exchange rate and search around say, ‘price of product X in country Y’ when you are located in Z. Just switch the server location from Country Z to Country Y.

Keeping targeted ads away entirely

Even when browsing using a VPN, some entities are interested in the tabs you are viewing. More often, it is marketers harvesting your data to better serve you targeted ads. The thing about VPN is that people in their tens, hundreds, and possibly thousands are browsing using the same IP address on a single secured and encrypted VPN tunnel. Marketers are still harvesting activities at that one IP address and will serve the users of that VPN targeted targets according to their collective browsing habit.

Although the individual user will feel the ads on their sidebar are just very random, but you can make it even more random, and far from targeting you by occasionally switching to a different server in different countries.

No mix ups on the legality of torrent files downloads

ISPs and government arms tasked with enforcing anti-piracy and copyright laws do not take torrents kindly. Whether what you are ‘torrenting’ is illegal or not, they always get up all in your business when you start downloading torrent files, despite the fact that some torrent files are indeed legal.

To keep away from a possible mix up, always use a VPN when sharing on a P2P network. It will keep you away from being on the watch list of ISPs and the government.

Prevent DDoS attacks from sore losers on online gaming

eSports has now grown to become a fully recognized form of sports activities, with some gamers reported to be millionaires. The stakes are increasing getting higher, than if one gamer loss to the other, the loss has a significant impact on their lives. Some sore losers take it to the extent of launching distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the winners to cripple their gaming ability by cutting them from the internet.

DDoS works as thousands of packets being sent to a single computer all at the same time. Leading to jamming up of everything as far as internet use is concerned. If you know you are a good gamer out to take the shine from other online gamers, you need to shield yourself from a retaliatory attack by always using a VPN when playing online games.

Secure and Private online shopping and banking

This reason is perhaps the most popular reason why most people use VPNs. Giving out your credit card information online or doing your banking transactions comes with a high level of risks. Their many crooks lurking online just waiting for you to make the wrong move like using an unsecured connection, to steal your information or rob your bank account clean.

The above five tips are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with a VPN network. We encourage our readers to share with other readers any other tips they have in mind and have not been included above. Please share in the comments section below.

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