KakaoTalk: Free Calling and Messaging App Arrives for Mac

KakaoTalk: Free Calling and Messaging App Arrives for Mac

KakaoTalk, a South Korean based Messaging and free Calling service has just launched its client for Mac. The Mac client will support only 2 languages, English and Korean. Interestingly, they launched the client right after they announced that they will merge with Daum which is one of the largest internet portals of the country. It seems that KakaoTalk Company is trying its best to compete against other Messaging service companies like Line and Viber. The merger led to a company with a 3.4 trillion won market cap and the Mac client will also add some more users.

Company also added a new search feature for its Windows desktop Client. The new search feature includes the ability to search for keywords right from the chatroom in reverse order.

Just like its competitors, KakaoTalk for Windows and Mac are also able to syncs between mobile and desktop. In the press release, Kakao also mentioned that soon they will add the ability to send files and search chats in its Mac version. Later this year the search feature will also be available for Mobile apps.

Naver which is South Korea`s largest internet portal and also the creator of Line is currently dominating the free messaging and calling service. Now with the merger of KakaoTalk with Daum creating one of South Korea`s Largest internet Company, KakaoTalk will be able to compete against Naver. Though it would be quite hard as Naver is aiming for one billion users and in April they had approximately 400 million users and KakaoTalk had 145 million users.

KakaoTalk is currently available in English, Japanese and Korean and Mac versions are limited to Korean and English. To compete against Line, the Company will have to focus more on international users.

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