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Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

How easy and fun is it to sell products on social media? Backed by the fastest growing market place in Kenya, this is guaranteed success for your business!

Kaymu Kenya just recently launched a Facebook shop aimed specifically at increasing sales for its sellers. The shop is an automized feature that will display the seller’s kaymu shop on their Facebook page.

This shop will allow sellers to share their products on their Facebook feed, access analytics and tracking on their shops performance and also create and manage Facebook campaigns.Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

The best part isIts FREE!

How to get started:

This simple button, located on your Account page, will redirect you to Facebook for the creation of your Facebook Shop.Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

Some tips on boosting your Facebook Shop:

Give more visibility to the shop:

Your Facebook Shop is by default located here for visitors:Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

In this case, it will not have a lot of visibility. Change that by changing its position in « Manage tabs ».Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

Always post about your news products:

Mobile users will not be able to see your shop, as Facebook only shows apps on computers.

However, there is a workaround for you to show your shop’s products: just share your products with the button located on the left bar!Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

Give more visibility to your posts:

Ask your fans to always « See First » all of your posts, so that they do not miss any of the products you share!Kaymu Launches A Facebook Shop

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