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Kaymu Nigeria Celebrates Two Years Anniversary


Kaymu Nigeria Celebrates Two Years Anniversary

Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace celebrates its second year anniversary with weeklong activities to include a website update, an entrepreneurship workshop and anniversary sales on its platform.

On January 25th 2013, Kaymu launched in Nigeria and Pakistan simultaneously and has spread rapidly to 34 countries in Africa, Asia and most recently, Europe. The company which started off in Lagos with 5 employees has since grown to establish hubs in 6 cities​ in Nigeria employing over 200 individuals.

Kaymu has been at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship in Nigeria, with several initiatives for young entrepreneurs and SMEs. The Kaymu Future Entrepreneurs Program, a training for students on the core values of business, and the Kaymu Entrepreneurial Workshop, to provide SMEs with skills needed to market competitively in their fields, are two examples these initiatives.

Kaymu Nigeria Celebrates Two Years AnniversaryEvangeline Wiles, Managing Director of Kaymu Nigeria, speaking on the anniversary stated, “We started off with just 5 people and a vision. It’s been a remarkable 2 years and we are well on the way to realizing this vision. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed in positioning Kaymu as the leading online marketplace in Nigeria – our employees, sellers, buyers, partners, the media and all Nigerians.”

Over the years, the company has secured partnerships with media giants CoolFM and Nigezie, MTN and the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) amongst others in the bid to fulfill its mission of contributing to Nigeria’s retail sector by fostering SMEs in the country.

In two years Kaymu has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nigerians by creating jobs, helping SME’s open online stores, providing customers with products they require at competitive prices and building an online community of over two million fans.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, the company will kick off a week long series of activities, starting with an update in its website to provide a better buying and selling process, a press briefing followed by an entrepreneurship workshop in partnership with LCCI and discounted sales on the platform.

In 2015, Kaymu pledges to increase efforts in providing the safest online platform for buying and selling and securing strategic partnerships to help more SMEs bring their businesses online and make shopping accessible to everyone.

About Kaymu

Kaymu is Nigeria’s number one safest online market place where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as: mobile phones, laptops, latest fashion and clothing products and home appliances.Visit to explore its offerings.

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