Kaymu opens a drop-off- pick-up-point

Kaymu opens a drop-off- pick-up-point

Kaymu has opened a drop-off-pick –up point in the CBD. The office, which is situated in Shariff House along Kimathi Street, will allow sellers to drop off orders conveniently for packaging and shipping and also allow customers to pick up their orders easily. “We want to make it easier for more people to access our services by making ourselves accessible” Says Steve Momanyi, Head of Seller Management. “Satisfying everyone’s need with the growing demand is our number one priority.”

The convenient location will make it easier for Kaymu staff to train new sellers on how to use the platform and any other query that they may have Instead of going all the way to the Westland office. “This will double up as quality check, to make sure that what the customer orders is what the customer gets” Says Brian Kiseli Head of Logistics. “It will also act as a trust point in which all questions regarding Kaymu can be answered and also training on how to use the platform can be conducted.

The drop off point is open to all Kaymu users and will be opened on weekdays from 8am – 5pm.

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