Kaymu Turns Two with a Promise of Expansion to Further Shores

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Kaymu Turns Two with a Promise of Expansion to Further Shores

From two countries to 34; Kaymu’s two year journey so far

January 25 marked the 2 year anniversary of Kaymu, a leading online shopping community. It’s been two years and 34 countries for Kaymu so far, which launched in Nigeria and Pakistan simultaneously and has spread rapidly through Africa, Asia and most recently, in Europe. This year will see Kaymu launching in more countries in Asia and Europe.

Kaymu’s business model and main aim is to empower local SMEs and make shopping accessible to everyone everywhere and in the process, drive the online shift in the countries it’s in. It has achieved many milestones in the last two years but has a lot of ground to cover as a startup.

These two years has seen Kaymu change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Currently, there are over 100k sellers on board and there have been close to 900,000 buyers who have bought products from the Kaymu platforms. Roughly eight thousand transactions take place every day, on the platform and there are several payment options including cash on delivery and SafePay, to protect the buyer, so as to ensure that their payment is made only after they receive their goods.

Kaymu is present in three of the most prominent and populous N 11 countries – Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh- and is instrumental in introducing the online shift there. The combined population of all the countries Kaymu is currently in, is 1.134 billion and is focused completely on empowering SMEs in those countries and is, in a way, driving a revolution of sorts there by changing lives as a consequence.

2015 is slated to be a year of even greater growth and progress for Kaymu and the focus is on developing the platform even further so as to help even more SMEs bring their businesses online and make shopping accessible to everyone.

Kaymu Kenya MD, Aleeda Fazal says “The significant growth of Kaymu over the past two years has been great motivation for us especially with our recent launch in Kenya. The market demand for online shopping has pushed Kaymu to grow and as 2015 goes on, we are looking to grow even further than we already have”

She adds, With the entrance into Kenya, one of the largest E.A Countries we are optimistic that Kenyans will love and appreciate our presence and services, hence opting  for Kaymu as the leading online shopping platform not only in Kenya but Globally.

About Kaymu

Kaymu.com. is an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers from all over (country) on the same platform. It gives them a safe platform on which to conduct business while giving great deals on price as well as business advice to its listed sellers. With over 2000 sellers and counting, it is poised to become (country’s) biggest online market.

About AIG

Africa Internet Group introduces and accelerates the online shift in Africa – for its people and its culture. It is committed to running successful and vibrant internet companies which boost the evolution of African online culture. AIG is the parent group of nine successful and fast-growing companies in more than 25 African countries, accounting for over 3, 000 staff. AIG cares about entrepreneurship and brings together all the key elements required to build great companies: team, concept, technology and capital. Its network of companies includes JUMIA, Kaymu, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, Zando, Jovago, Lendico and Easy Taxi.

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