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Keep your Android Smartphone unlocked while walking or running

by Felix Omondi

There some who read the title and they were like, “why would I want to keep my phone unlocked while walking or running? Is that not a security issue? What if someone snatches it, won’t they have easy access to stuff on my phone?”

Well, all those questions are valid and all the more reasons why you should keep your phone locked whenever you are not using it. However, the function of your phone automatically locking up 15 seconds or so if you are not using it comes back to bite you in the foot if you’re relying on your phone to track your work out training.

Perhaps you have a smart wearable like a smartwatch or wristband that tracks your progress as you jog, or do your morning exercise walks. It is very frustrating to have your security unlock via swap, PIN, or even putting your finger on the fingerprint sensor. The number of times you will need to do so make keeping your phone unlocked while walking or running then it locks when you stop worth it.

How to keep your Android Smartphone unlocked

Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock, at this point you will need to confirm your PIN or password. But if you had not set up a lock screen security, you will be prompted to do so before proceeding.

Next, select the On-body detection. It is probably a good idea that you read the information in this section before confirming by sliding the toggle on body smart lock

Next, tap on Continue once you have read the information.

You can leave the settings on, and turn it off once you are through with your training. This feature is essential especially when you’re running or doing your morning jog. When you are through with your practice, you can go back to the settings in turn off the feature.

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