Kenyan Developers can now monetize their Apps on Google Play Store by registering as Merchants

Kenyan Developers can now monetize their Apps on Google Play Store by registering as Merchants

Kenya like many African countries and developing nations around the world has come a long way in the technology spectrum. Previously, they were on the consumption end of that spectrum, with developed countries being on the production end.

However, as much as developing countries are increasingly getting represented on the production end of the technology spectrum. Traditional vending platforms such as app store still does not make it possible for developers to publish their applications.

Well, Google Play Store has now opened its platform to developers from Kenya. That means developers in Kenya can now go ahead and open up a Google Merchant Account. While the platform has two types of accounts:

Google Developer Account

Google Merchant Account

Google Developer account has been accessible to Kenyan developers for some time now, but it is only now that Google has opened up the Google Merchant Account. For developers looking to monetize their app under the paid apps and in-app purchases category, they can only do so via the Google Merchant Account. The Google Developer Account only allows developers to publish free apps on the Play Store.

Kenya is one of the many African countries that Google has just opened up the Google Merchant Account access. South Africa got the access sometime last year. Other countries in that list include Nigeria, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, and Tanzania.

However, it is only South African developers who can sell their apps in their local currency (Rand). The rest of the African countries will sell their apps in US dollars.

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