Kenyan startup Sip develops a mobile app that allows consumers order alcoholic beverages and have them delivered to their doorstep


It is human nature to always want to make the workload a bit less tiresome and things to move a lot faster. That is why we are hell-bent on innovation in technology to make our work lighter, things to happen quicker and generally have things happen our way more conveniently.

It is out of that mentality that we have things like Uber, where people don’t want to go out to look for a taxi, but would rather have the taxi at their doorstep, sounding them the horn to come and board.

Well, Kenyan alcohol beverage consumers have not gotten a platform where they can order their favorite drink, from the convenience of a tap on their smartphones and have them delivered to their doorstep. That is in the form of a mobile app created by Sip, a Kenyan startup developing digital solutions for businesses.

Peter Kanyoni, the CEO of Sip, says the pricing models of online stores in Kenya have made buying drinks online an unattractive experience for consumers. Thus, they came up with a mobile app system, running on a better pricing model that will allow consumers order for the same quality drinks and brands at much more affordable rates.

Corporate events also lacked value for money as they have mostly been charged heavily due to their deep pockets. Sip offers very friendly prices for both drinks and the service rendered,” said Kanyoni.

The main clients who have so far used Sip’s services on a regular basis are clubs and hotels. The managers of such establishments find it easy to take out their smartphones, tap on the screen a few times, and wait for the drinks to be delivered on their unloading deck. The app has become particularly helpful to the managers when they stock suddenly falls short, and the establishment is in need of a quick re-supply.

Currently, the startup’s main competition are the big distributors who ship the drinks in huge volumes. Such competition also serves a client base who are reliable and have long-term contracts with them, and for that reason, it has become extra difficult for Sip to sip into that market.

The majority of our business has comes from people having private parties or going on road trips, and that has been good for business because our pricing model targets bulk buyers,” adds Kanyoni.

This startup’s services is currently only operating in Nairobi and its environs. Though they plan on growing reach to more regions.

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