Kenya’s Leading Broadcasters To Resume Broadcasting On Thursday, March 5th At 6:50pm

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Kenya’s Leading Broadcasters To Resume Broadcasting On Thursday, March 5th At 6:50pm

Kenya’s leading broadcasters KTN, NTV, QTV and Citizen TV have been off-air since February 14th, 2015, following a forceful switch off by the Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya. The regulator raided the four broadcasters’ transmitters stations in Limuru and turned off their analogue equipment.

Jointly, the four broadcasters command a market share of 90% of viewership in Kenya. Meaning, the 90% of Kenyans have been living with media blackout or forced to settle for viewing other the state-owned broadcaster KBC or less popular broadcasters.

The four broadcasters are owned by the Standard Group, the Nation Media Group and the Royal Media Services. The Kenyan public have been without an independent source of news and information since Feb. 14. After the Media Owners Association defied orders by the CA to switch off their analogue TV signals, which led to CA raiding their television installations in Limuru and forcefully switching them off.

The Media Owners Association accuses the CA of selectively implementing a ruling by the Supreme Court on the dispute between the two parties.

In a statement, the media owners wrote: “We expect the CA to address itself to the rest of the orders issued by the Supreme Court, specifically the reinstatement of the Self-Provisioning Digital Broadcasting License which must equally be communicated to us in writing.”

To read more about this development, follow this link to the Daily Nation.

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