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Kenya’s Safaricom is the Best Employer in Africa | Forbes Global 2000 list 2018

by Milicent Atieno
Kenya’s Safaricom is the Best Employer in Africa | Forbes Global 2000 list 2018 ranking

So this year’s Forbes Global 2000 list (the 16th edition) is out, ranking 500 publicly-traded companies across 60 countries in terms of employee satisfaction. For the continent of Africa, Kenya’s telecom firm Safaricom emerges as the best employer, while ranking 67th place globally.

Here is a snippet of the African companies ranking by the Forbes business magazine:

Company Country Africa ranking World Ranking
Safaricom Kenya 1 67
Africa Naspers South Africa 2 224
First Rand South Africa 3 432
Sanlam South Africa 4 457

The Forbes ranking was based on a survey done by the publisher on over 430,000 correspondents from across the globe. The correspondents, who are employees of the various companies, were asked to rate their own employer. They were also asked the likelihood of them recommending their current employer to a friend or family members. They were also asked which other employers they admired.

The International Players

This list as mentioned before contains only publicly-traded companies, and collectively they have a market value of $56.8 trillion. They also made $39.1 trillion in sales, $3.2 trillion in profit, and have combined assets of $189 trillion.

And for the first time since 2015, the U.S. and China are splitting the top 10 positions evenly among themselves. To in total Chinese companies number 291 in the list while the U.S. leads with 560 companies.

It is interesting to see how Chinese and U.S. companies performed in this list, as their performance mirrors the ongoing tariffs wars sparked by the Trump administration. Though the U.S. still dominates the list, accounting for 30% of the companies listed therein. While China and Hong Kong’s companies have also increased in this list; in 2017 they were 262 and this year they’re 291. The very first list released by Forbes back in 2003, there were only 43 companies from China and Hong Kong.

Top 10 International Companies in Forbes Global 2000 List 2018

Company Country World Ranking
ICBC China 1
China Construction Bank China 2
JPMorgan Chase USA 3
Berkshire Hathaway USA 4
Agricultural Bank of China China 5
Bank of America USA 6
Wells Fargo USA 7
Apple USA 8
Bank of China China 9
Ping An Insurance Group China 10


Other countries that broke into the top five countries whose companies featured most in this list are Japan, the UK, and South Korea.

Forbes methodology in compiling the Global 2000 list entailed using data from FactSet Research system, which screens for the biggest publicly traded company under four metrics: sales, profits, assets, and market value. The market valuation of the companies mentioned in this list is as of May 11, 2018.

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