Kenya’s taxi-hailing service Little set to expand into Rwanda

little cab kenya taxi-hailing app

The taxi-hailing service Little has announced its plans to branch out into Rwanda in a month’s time.

The service, backed by Kenya’s leading telecom Safaricom, made the announcement barely a month after rolling out in Uganda. Little is set to go live in Rwanda come June this year. The company is currently on an East African expansion drive.

Business in Uganda is good, and we have about 800 drivers on the platform now. We are also integrated to MTN mobile money so that it is easy for our riders to take rides and pay via mobile money,” said Kamal Budhabhattin, founder of Craft Silicon.

Uganda became the first country outside Kenya where the service is now available. Rwanda is set to become the third country come June.

Little is an African product, and we must be spreading our wings to all the African countries. Kigali is a smaller city compared to Nairobi and Kampala, but we have sufficient resources towards the growth in Rwanda,” added Budhabhattin.

In case you are unaware, Craft Silicon is one of the leading tech firms in Kenya, and Little is one of the many developments. The ride-hailing service was launched in Kenya back in July 2016. A development in the local Kenyan market that pitted the company against other heavyweights like Uber and Mondo Ride which were already established in the market.

Uber is also already well-established in Uganda and Rwanda. There is also Taxify, which entered the Ugandan market last year. So for little to get significant traction in both Rwanda and Uganda, the company management has to pull up their sleeves as they have their work quite cut out for them.

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