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Keter’s Signature Collection Combines a Natural Wood Look With Unparalleled Durability

by Felix Omondi

A well-appointed outdoor setting provides space for a host of activities. Homeowners and tenants across the United States regularly enjoy cookouts and lawn games. Sports enthusiasts often break out their gear for fitness workouts. Families with children often amass an impressive collection of “must-have” outdoor play equipment. Regardless of the activity, users often find themselves with a growing amount of “stuff.”

Storage Sheds, Deck Boxes, and Garden Boxes

Homeowners and tenants typically corral their growing assortment of items in a roomy storage shed. Not surprisingly, residents are increasingly choosing well-built sheds that are also pleasing to the eye. These structures feature sturdy construction and striking aesthetics that blend perfectly with quality outdoor furniture and accessories.

Deck boxes have also become a popular storage option. Ideal for lawns, patios, and even boat docks, these roomy boxes hold a surprising amount of gear. In a pinch, a deck box’s lid can also double as a horizontal work surface for those ever-present projects.

Raised garden beds (or garden boxes) are also becoming desirable for both large and small spaces. The beds’ compact size simplifies garden planting and maintenance. Gardeners with physical limitations may also find it easier to work a raised-bed garden compared to an in-ground plot.

Keter’s Signature Collection Exudes Stylish Functionality

Keter, a leading global provider of outdoor lifestyle solutions, recently introduced several exceptional storage structures. Keter’s brand-new Signature Collection includes sleek, streamlined storage sheds, spacious deck boxes, and versatile garden boxes.

Made of highly durable resin, these ruggedly built products are designed to last for years. As an added benefit, all Keter products are 100 percent recyclable.

Equally importantly, Keter’s Signature Collection pieces feature clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that blends with the surrounding naturescape. The company’s game-changing DecoCoat™ technology delivers a beautiful walnut or ashwood finish. Taken together, these attributes make each Signature Collection piece a welcome addition to every landscape.

Signature Collection Storage Sheds

Signature Collection storage sheds are overflowing with striking style. In addition, they feature solid, rugged construction. Each storage shed offers solid steel-bolstered roofs and walls. A heavy-grade floor can accommodate substantial weight. The structure’s top and side windows, and the integrated ventilation, increase the interior light and comfort.

Perhaps best of all, each Signature Collection shed is maintenance-free. And regardless of the weather conditions, Signature Collection items won’t rust, rot, peel, or splinter. This “set it and forget it” functionality means the pieces will hold up in the heat, cold, blinding sun, and/or driving rain.

Clear Instructions Enable Easy Assembly

Consumers are often frustrated by ready-to-assemble products with nonsensical instructions (or none at all). Keter’s Signature Collection storage sheds (in fact, all Keter products) are designed for simple assembly with common household tools. Easy-to-understand instructions minimize the time needed to assemble each storage structure.

Keter’s Signature Collection storage sheds are available in five sizes to fit varied yards. Consumers can purchase the sheds at major home improvement retail stores and eCommerce sites.

Signature Collection Deck Boxes

A roomy, well-built deck box can be a valuable patio or lawn enhancement. Keter’s Signature Collection deck boxes feature rugged construction. The sleek-looking boxes also have ample space for yard décor, gardening supplies, children’s toys, and miscellaneous gear that threatens to become a trip hazard.

Available in two sizes, the Signature Collection deck boxes can stand alone or serve as an accompaniment to a Signature shed.

Keter’s Durable Garden Boxes

Keter’s popular garden boxes can enhance planting capacity or serve as a standalone small-space garden. All garden boxes allow for optimal drainage and enable warmer soil, which is important in cooler climates. Reduced weed growth is also likely.

Made of durable resin with reinforced metal braces, these garden boxes will withstand the full range of weather conditions. Two tabletop garden boxes, and three raised garden boxes, make up Keter’s garden bed line.

The Signature 29-gallon raised garden bed is available in ashwood brown. Other neutral-toned finishes also complement varied color schemes. Every Keter garden box will be a pleasing addition to any-sized garden.

The Keter Group CEO Applauds the Signature Collection

Alejandro Pena, Keter Group’s Chief Executive Officer (or CEO), affirms the Keter Signature Collection’s significance. “The Signature Collection is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional quality, functionality, and design in outdoor lifestyle solutions.

As elevated backyard design is becoming more important to our consumers, we noticed a gap in the market for outdoor storage solutions that complement the beauty of nature rather than clash with it. The Signature Collection now fills that gap with the first best-in-class storage solutions designed to be seen, not hidden away. It redefines functional storage as space-defining furniture pieces, and we’re thrilled to bring it to market,” Alejandro Pena concluded.

Keter’s Outdoor Furniture Complements the Signature Pieces

With all the outdoor gear in its place, a roomy patio or spacious lawn becomes an inviting setting for outdoor gatherings. Quality outdoor furniture, especially mix-and-match items, easily accommodates family and friends.

Keter’s popular outdoor furniture line nicely fits the bill. Several seating options and outdoor entertainment accessories can together meet any venue’s needs. Certain furniture and accessories pieces are available in multiple colors and styles. Taken together, these well-made pieces will enhance any outdoor setting.

Equally importantly, Keter’s outdoor furniture and accessories feature quality resin-based construction. With no metal parts to rust, and no painted surfaces to fade or degrade, Keter’s outdoor furniture and accessories will indeed last for years.

Seating Group Choices

  • Traditional-Looking Adirondack Chairs

  • Welcoming Adirondack Rocking Chairs

  • Compact 3-Piece Patio Sets (2 chairs and a side table)

  • Versatile Storage Benches (with top seating)

Outdoor Entertaining Accessories

  • Outdoor Kitchen Carts

  • Patio Cooler and Beverage Carts

  • Portable Cool Bars

Keter’s Sustainability Commitment Endures

Keter’s overarching mission reflects its commitment to “minimize the use of virgin resources and eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.” To realize this wide-ranging goal, every Keter product is 100 percent recyclable. In addition, Keter’s products contain an ever-increasing percentage of recycled materials.

Keter’s recycled materials practices are a key component of its sustainability solution. The company also avoids making single-use plastic consumer products in any of its manufacturing plants. As technologies continue to evolve, Keter will likely formulate additional strategies for minimizing the company’s environmental footprint.

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