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Key Steps to Take to Hone the Quality of Essay Writing


A lot of college and university students are on the lookout for ways on how to make the quality of every other essay, research paper, and book review better. The reality is that we all need this special skill to not only graduate successfully but to climb the corporate ladder in the future. During high school and college years, everything is somehow related to writing. Your teachers give your loads of assignments. Then, when you’re a college student, you face a range of papers, texts, and exams that require strong writing skills. It could be great to not only use online automatic tools to improve your writing but to also learn some tips to produce quality papers yourself. In this article, we have listed some of the simplest ways to write the best essays for college.

See How Others Write

Reading can help you open up your mind to new styles of essay writing. Make sure to have regular reading sessions. In addition to books, it is recommended to check the essays written by the other students. Do not just read the works on disciplines that you’re engaged in. It is important to be critical in the process. Make sure to analyze different arguments, styles, and formats that this or that author uses. There are loads of successful essays out there. It might provide you with some unique writing techniques that you have never used before or ideas that you can definitely elaborate on in your work.

Ensure You Know the Basics

Before you begin to write an essay, it is important to master the basics of the process. In other words, it is important to know the basics of grammar and spelling. In every other essay, you have to use prepositions properly, remove unnecessary words, check syntax, use the correct tense, and ensure your paper includes no long sentences.

Write Every Day

To make your essay writing perfect, you have to practice daily. The point is that honing your writing skills is similar to doing the same with your cooking and dancing skills. If you fail to practice on a regular basis, you’re not going to learn to dance to make some really good lasagna.

Try to set regular writing sessions. There’s no need to write 1000 pages every day. Instead, ensure to produce at least a paragraph or two for your blog (You don’t have one? It’s time to start it!). Or, as an alternative, you can team up with your fellow students who also need to boost the quality of their prose. Have regular meetings to practice writing, read each other’s works to find out where changes should be made.

Drop Bad Writing Habits

If the only writing practice that you have is sending Instagram or Facebook messages, chances are you use your “text style speak” in your essays and term papers as well. If you can boast of military experience, you might be tempted to include acronyms in every other college assignment (needless to say, you’re the only person who knows their meaning!). Or, perhaps, you tend to use clichés, play a lot with capitalization or never pay attention to spelling at all. Whenever you practice your writing, make sure to keep in mind your bad writing habits to do your best to avoid them in the future.

Learn to Edit and Proofread

If your college essay, lab report, movie review, or term paper includes typos, grammatical and formatting mistakes, it will 100% lose its impact. To avoid it, make sure you learn to edit and proofread in addition to spellcheck. It is important to read your assignment out loud slowly. Reading your written piece aloud is effective but what is even more effective is having a fresh set of eyes to check your assignment. Try some unique proofreading techniques, such as reading your paper backward. As a result, you won’t be focused on the arguments or style of the paper but rather on the errors and typos. And again, the more proofreading and editing practices you have, the better you will get in your writing. Besides, you will be able to quickly identify your typical mistakes, fix them and, as a result, learn to avoid them in the future.

Learn Citation Formats

Academic writing includes citing any piece of information that you use from any other sources, be it a book, a journal, or a website. For that reason, it is important that you learn the most common citation formats to take your writing to the next level. Before you start your college routine, make sure to learn the basics of MLA, Chicago, Turabian, APA, and other styles. When you do so, you will be able to submit college papers that are not just grammatically correct but properly formatted in accordance with the existing rules. Your professor will most likely provide you with a list of requirements and instructions in your introductory writing course. However, it is important to review the basics from time to time to ensure your work is formatted correctly.


In addition to reading college essays written by the other students, you should read talented writers who work magic with words. This is one of the best techniques to hone your writing skills (and sometimes your life as well!). When you read works crafted by other writers, you have an opportunity to learn about vocabulary, style, structure, and voice they virtuously use to create masterpieces. Needless to say, the more reading sessions you have, the more you learn and the more informed and interesting you will be when it’s time to discuss some topics in a college class.

If at some point, you require someone else to take a look at your writing, the good news is that there are many experts out there ready to check your piece and highlight the issues that should be improved. Besides, you’re welcome to use an essay grader free of charge. A free online checker will scan your essay from A to Z. Then the grader will highlight the sections that should be fixed. As a result, you will clean things up and submit high-quality work.

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