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Kidfluencer – an unborn baby with over 112,000 followers on Instagram


Have you ever stopped to look at social media and thought the world has lost its mind? Well, you might now think the world has gone completely nuts beyond anything a shrink can fix. We welcome you to the new age of kidfluencers, a social media following focusing on babies still in the uterus on its journey to be born.

Yes, the New York Times article featured a story of one kidfluencer, one that has not yet been born, but still has probably more followers than you do on Instagram. It has 113,000 followers at the least.


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Arriving March 2019 👶🏼 Thanks aunt Mackenzie for making this for baby Halston 🌿 @mackenzierylander

A post shared by Halston Blake Fisher (@halston.blake) on

The name is Halston Blake Fisher, the soon-to-be bundle of joy of an influencer family made up of 2-year-old identical twins who have over 2 million followers on Instagram. According to the dad, Kyler Fisher, the sponsored posts on the twins IG account costs somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000.kidfluencer

The family made a post announcing the incoming bundle of joy into their family and already garnered at least 40,000 likes.

Infant Privacy?

It well and good that the Fisher family have found fortunes on social media, but putting their unborn child details out there on the internet certainly raises ethical issues. Do they put into consideration the infant’s privacy?

The twins are without a doubt kidfluencers, but who exactly are they kidfluencing? Kids their age don’t know how to use Instagram, and might not even be interested in using the social network. Not to mention the infant who is supposed to be born some time in March.

The New York Times says these kidfluencers main targets are parents and soon-to-be parents. Brands such as Walmart, Mattel, and Staples  are bankrolling these so-called kidfluencers to endorse their products to parents and soon-to-be parents. The main demographics being targetted by these ads are adults within the age bracket of 25 and 44.

Risks with rising of Pedophilia cases

Putting your child out there for the entire world to see can be counterproductive. Sure, you might get a paycheck from a big brand and go off living lavishly, but you do appear on the radar of pedophiles.

Your kid might soon become a target for these pedophiles, and if they luck access to them. They might use the very same post of your kid as inspiration for unclean thoughts about kids in their immediate access. That will eventually lead to them committing unspeakable acts to children.

That is to say, these kidfluencers posts might a financial blessing to the parents, but fanning the flame of a pedophile to act on someone else’s kids somewhere else. Sort of like a serial rapist watching porn and getting off to go rape the nearest person they can get their dirty hands on.

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