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Knack International Looking for Funding In Order To Supply Tablet PCs to Africa

by Milicent Atieno

Knack International Looking for Funding In Order To Supply Tablet PCs to Africa

The potential of IT on the African continent is limitless. Africans have come to embrace technology like no any other time in recorded history, and with it has come a major metamorphose in all spheres of our lives. Data and information have become more accessible, versatile, mobile and useful. People nowadays rely more on technology to do business transactions, access healthcare services, contacts family & friends, engage in recreation and leisure activities and the Tablet PCs have proven to be the best devices to serve this purpose.

Tablet PCs are more portable, easy to use and more functional considering the lifestyle of most mobile and multi-functioning individuals. African manufacturers are now giving international brands such as Samsung, Nokia and Apple a run for their money. One such manufacturer is the Knack International Limited that has made a good name for itself by designing and producing state of the art Tablet PCs. Knack International is a Nigerian manufacture that already has the following two devices out in the market and promises more to come:

knack tablet pcs

  • 7.0 3G Model: This Tablet PC has a sleek ultra slim design. With a 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, supports up to 32GB of microSD cards and a 7 inched display. It also spots a 5MP rear- and 2MP front-camera, has Dual SIM support, Wi-Fi connectivity and supports pen based computing as well as digital ink for users who want the flexible note taking option. Knack 7.0 model runs up to 10 hours of web surfing on a single full charge and meets the heavy demands online transactions, business meetings and presentations. It comes preloaded with CorelDraw, notepad and games among others.
  • 7.0 2G Model: This model has similar basic features as the one above but the major difference is that it’s more affordable, thus being coined “people’s Tab” going for about $100. It features a 1GB RAM, 8GM ROM, 5MP rear- and 2MP front camera, supports microSD card of up to 32GB and has a HDMI port.

Within the last 9 months, Knack Tablet PCs took the market by a storm. The company got impressive sales within the first 6 months of marketing during which they had no external source of funding, relying solely on the quality of their product. Currently Knack International Ltd. has partnered with various telcos, as well as working in collaboration with another IT firm which is a subsidiary of Knack to give a monthly subscription plan for big data users thus making it more affordable.

Without a doubt Knack is the pride of Nigeria and Africa as a whole as far as Tablet PCs manufacturing is concerned. They are currently receiving orders running into tens of thousands from 7 African countries. Plans have already been drawn up to increase the company’s capacity by employing 1,000 more Nigerians and making the Knack Company a $100 million company through an investor funding using a proven marketing model. They are looking to have a round table discussion with potential investors who believe in the capacity of IT to grow the African economy. They are looking for partnership from within Nigeria and beyond, so if you fit this category don’t shy away from this great African initiative. For further details, you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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