Konga.com 4th Anniversary Celebration Marked By A 4-Days Sales on Website

Konga.com 4Th Anniversary Celebration Marked By A 4-Days Sales on Website

The biggest online malls in Nigeria, Konga.com marked its fourth birthday by four days sales on the e-commerce website. Konga was celebrating its fourth year as a trade and commerce innovation success in Africa for four years running.

The ecommerce giant was founded in 2012 and started purely as an online retailer selling just baby and beauty products. Its growth was rapid as it rose 11X in its first year of operations and 4.5X in the second year. In 2014, Konga opened its Seller HQ – Konga’s Marketplace Platform, which allows business owners to display and sell their items on Konga.com. Seller HQ’s growth has been rapid with “marketplace” derived orders now accounting for over 70% of sales. Over 30,000 sellers are registered and trading on the site today.

True to its vision to utilize internet and mobile technologies to create a pan African platform that enables trade and commerce for millions of sellers and buyers, Konga led several innovations like the Konga Mobile App, Seller HQ platform, online payment solution KongaPay App which allows for payment online and offline anytime with its unique me-commerce feature and the recently launched Konga EZ Web Progressive App.

In recognition of its outstanding performance through the years, Konga has received several awards like “Online retailer of the year” and ”Most Emerging brand” Marketing World awards (2013), “Best company in Tech businesses category” Creative Entrepreneurs of Nigeria awards (2013), “West African entrepreneur of the year” CNBC Africa (2013), “Most Innovative and Impactful retail brand” by Lagos Chamber of Commerce Industry awards (2014),  “Online Retailer of the Year” and for “Marketing Campaign of the Year” for the Found on Konga Campaign by the Marketing World Awards (2015), “Best Ecommerce Logistics Company” (2016) by CBN, “Best Place to Work for Millennials” (2016) by Great Place to Work to mention a few.

Speaking on the journey and achievements through its four years on business, the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience Mayowa Adebayo had this to say “Regardless of the achievements and milestones we have reached in our four years of innovation, we will not stop innovating because we are yet to reach the climax of the Konga story.

In commemoration of its fourth anniversary, Konga has launched a unique sale around the number “4”. The sale will be for four hours, for four days, featuring four discounted items on each day of the sale. Customers can participate in the sales by visiting the Konga website.

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