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Konka Prepares to exit the Kenyan Market


Konka Prepares to exit the Kenyan Market

Konka Prepares to exit the Kenyan Market

Eway electronics the sole suppliers of Konka televisions in East and Central Africa has confirmed their intention to stop supplying Kenya with the brand citing manufacturer frustrations.

Since setting base in Kenya eleven months ago, the company says the brand has been doing quite well but delay to dispatch bulk orders by the manufacturers and high cost of the brand has led to frustrations with the company opting out of the brand sales.

William Wamalwa, marketing manager, Eway Electronics said, “This is our last month, we are just clearing our stock, the brand has been doing well but since the manufacturers only produce the body while the screen is produced by other companies, it takes so long to buy in bulk leading to frustrations.”

Konka is also expensive in terms of buying and shipping since it is only meant for South Africa, North America, South America and Europe but not for East and Central Africa, we were introducing the brand but due to those limitations we opt out.

The company says E-commerce has contributed to over 58% of their monthly sales with JUMIA Kenya contributing 50% of their sales besides being their biggest client and advertiser see link.

Jonathan Parisot, Head of buying JUMIA said, “The brand has been doing quite well online, its exit is unfortunate but the potential for the brand is still enormous.

Konka comes in two sizes 32’’ and 42’’ both Full HD LED digital televisions saving you the hassle of buying an additional set top box with this, you don’t need to so worry when the digital migration will take place.  Kamau Njehia a Konka fan says Kenyans will wait a bit longer for such high quality televisions at such affordable prices.

Its bad news considering that the brand is very affordable, I bought my 32’’ at Ksh. 20,995 ($234) other established brands couldn’t offer me that. I hope another supplier emerges otherwise, Kenya will miss Konka.

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