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Korus Wireless Speakers-V600 and V400 Review

by Fahad Saleem

Korus Wireless Speakers-V600 and V400 Review
korus - 1Korus is a wireless speaker brand that has big ambitions and it believes that the big audio industry needs a whole new streaming system. Their products are innovative and unique as compared to other wireless speaker brands.  In addition, Korus is starting to get recognition in the audio market because they have perfected their blue prints into the Magnolia Design Center’s premier shelves.

The brand was created by Core Brand whose principle company is Nortek Inc. The company isn’t a household name but they provide smart connected systems and its user base is wider than Apple in this field.  It is dominant in home audio systems and other connected devices even HVAC systems.  The Korus’ new systems of V600 and V400 are unique and dependable in their own way. Let’s take a look at them.

Hardware and design

Design wise, both are easy to the eye and elegant with a curved design and a carry handle on the back. On the back there is the AC input and 3.5mm aux in. the material used is glossy black plastic and feels very good.

korus - 2

The feeling associated with the Korus system is robust. The V600 is 11lbs and the V400 is 4.4lbs so it is obvious that one is meant to be portable, but the other not so much, but the finishing picks up prints very easily and doesn’t appear neat like a Sonos. Korus’ uniqueness is its eschewing Bluetooth connectivity which results in immediacy and convenience and Korus is claiming no lag will be experienced but there have been repeatedly lags involving a Bluetooth used for connectivity. The Korus also offers plug-in dongles nicknamed batons for your mobile devices along with USB for Desktops and laptops however an Android compatible one is nowhere to be seen. The baton is plug and play.


Korus has good performance within moments of plugging in. An iOS app is used to control the volumes, but it isn’t versatile like other counterparts. The range of the speakers is also a decent one and the performance is also top notch. It offers 40Kpbs support and 40ms latency. The frequency range of v600 is 20-80 kHz and that of V400 is 20-125 KHz. They are definitely LOUD enough for you.


Both the V400 and V600 speakers are definitely something to like. The lag-less is great.  Korus is a simple and powerful enough brand that will keep you wanting more. Korus has a few lingering issues that need to be resolved however, this product is definitely worth the purchase.

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