Kudimoney and Bettr Finance; the only African companies to feature in 2017 Top 50 Digital Banks List

Kudimoney and Bettr Finance 2017 Top 50 Digital Banks List

On October 10th 2017, the Financial IT Magazine released the 2017 Financial IT Top 50 Digital Banks. This list features the very best companies that have employed the use of ICT in their operations. The continent of Africa was also represented; albeit mildly compared to other world regions.

Nigeria’s Kudimoney and South Africa’s Bettr Finance are the only two companies from Africa in that list.

About Kudimoney

We are delighted to be recognized as a leading pioneer in digital banking,” said Babs Ogundeyi, the founder, and CEO of Kudimoney. “Kudimoney is building a pan-African Digital Bank. A bank without boundaries, a bank that allows you access to your money (and our money) whenever you need it.

We recently launched our first product, which is an online lending platform that allows you to access finance from the comfort of anywhere you happen to be. Our vision for lending is to make finance more accessible; our desire is to over time lower the cost and barriers to consumer lending.

By running a more efficient system, we are able to offer customer more value for their money, via higher interest rates on savings and deposits and lower interest rates on loans, all with an effortless banking experience.”

Just recently, Kudimoney added a full-service online-only bank that gives customers spending accounts and savings accounts. Users can also make bill payments and get loans at better interest rates than the traditional means.

About Bettr Finance

Financial IT Magazine describes Bettr Finance as a FinTech company with a vision to financially empower people who know their worth. The company intends to do this by leveraging on tech tools that will improve customers’ banking experience.

The company is anchored in the believes that every person deserves better than what the conventional banking system is providing. Bettr Finance is being run by Tobie van Zyl, Andrzej Stempowski, and Angus Brown.

Financial IT Magazine

Financial IT Magazine takes pride in being a voice in the international FinTech community. It also represents Digital Banking, AI, and Blockchain activities globally.

The organization releases a report on the top 50 global pioneers within the fields mentioned above and highlights the roles each play plays in the development and roll out of global digital banking industry.

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