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KureCoinHub launches to becomes Africa’s first CryptoBank by Africans for Africans

Described as the biggest cryptocurrency project in Africa, KureCoinHub, is a new cryptocurrency coin that has launched in Africa targeting the mainstream user.

KureCoinHub is a self-service banking platform set up on the decentralized system of Ethereum blockchain smart-contracts. The vision of the cryptobank is to help African investors get economic empowerment, by developing a unique access point for the mainstream users who is venturing into cryptocurrency as way of investment.

As a trifecta of a bank, KureCoinHub has an exchangle platfrom dubbed KUREX and the coin that is being exchanged is called KURECOIN. The brains behind the idea say KureCoinHub runs on a very secure system, build upon state-of-the-art security of Ethereum smart-contracts. The Ethereum smart-contracts has been praised for being perfectly suited for direct buyer-seller transactions.

Tega Abikure, the CEO and Founder of KureCoin, the cryptobank was created to facilitate easy purchase and sell of the cryptocurrency. Abikure and team saw an opportunity to leverage on blockchain technologies to solve the age-old problem facing many African of lack of access to capital to create a system of zero collateral loans using the crypto-assets. They wanted to create a platform where there is ease of transaction and exchange of bitcoin, alt coin, Naira, and just about any other local fiat currency.

There is also the added advantage of KureCoinHub easing the chronic problem of slow and expensive currency payment systems. Mainly attributed to there being too many intermediaries and the system imposing too many restrictions, simply because of the way it is set up. The biggest challenge being experienced when international transactions are involved.

The crypto-bank launched into the market with a Pre-ICO, which will be shortly followed by the ICO phase and it plans to continue to gradually improve the hub; the bank. The hub will soon have enough functionality to facilitate seamless selling/buying of coins, then the exchanges will spring into action in full gears.

“As an investor, my primary need is to get my money to work for me. An ICO offers the public that opportunity. This is a revolutionary ICO aimed at solving the problem of liquidating your bitcoin in order to access cash denominated in local or fiat currencies. We wanted to solve real a world problem, not just try to reinvent finance away from the traditional banking system,”

said Tega Abikure.
Milicent Atieno

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