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Lady lands a Job at Nairobi National Park and Gets Fired Almost Immediately over Past Facebook Post


Ever heard of the warning ‘be careful of what you post online!’ Well, one Kenyan lady named Pauline Njoroge has just been slapped right on the face with the consequences of that warning.

The internet never forgets

She was recently appointed to become a member of the Tourism Regulatory Authority. You can imagine how lucky she must have felt. Landing a new job at a time when most people across the country, and the globe, are either losing their job or taking home reduced salaries.

However, Pauline’s joy was short-lived. All thanks to a Facebook post she made back in October 2019. The post read as follows:

Kenyans on Social Media ratted her out

Following the announcement of Pauline’s appointment. Kenyans who had knowledge of Pauline’s negative post on the Nairobi National Park brought it up to the attention of the world. Yes, the internet never forgets.

One tweet was sent out, which got more retweets, comments, and likes. Before you know it, the appointing authority at the Tourism Regulatory Authority got wind of the news. Upon closer scrutiny of Pauline’s post about the Nairobi National Park, the Tourism Cabinet Secretary (CS) Najib Balala deemed it enough to revoke her appointment.

CS Balala told the public the board was not aware of the negative statement Pauline made about the park. Following the revelation of that post, they have decided to revoke her appointment to the Tourism Regulatory Authority.

I am revoking Pauline Njoroge’s appointment as a board member of the Tourism Regulatory Authority because we have just seen what she had tweeted in the past that Nairobi National Park was useless. We do not want to be associated with such people and such thinking.” – Read a statement by the CS.

The CS went further to thank members of the public who brought forward the information through social media. A development that continues to highlight the power social media has gained over the year. 

Social media is now an important platform for decimating information. The right information could lead to good things, while the wrong information could land one in a heap of trouble. As Pauline Njoroge has come to find out the painful way.

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