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Ladybrile Woman of the Month April 2016 – Chichi Nwoko

Chichi Nwoko, the CEO of HEY, What’s ON?, a New York and Lagos-based multi-media consulting and production marketing firm is not your typical CEO. She was born in Dublin, Ireland to a career diplomat father who played a key role in forming a strong African impression on her.

From her early years, Chichi Nwoko felt a deep love for the African continent. Leveraging on her love and knowledge on Africa Chichi’s ‘Hey, What’s ON?’ gives clients invaluable insights into the mindset of viewers and extensive knowledge of the TV landscape in Africa. Her firm creates premium content squarely targeted at both viewers and advertizers.

She is also a recipient of the 2016 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for her role as a producer in the feature Film ‘Road To Yesterday,’ Nwoko is noted for her work with marketing and brand managers to provide expertise in TV formats, which enhance brand placement.

Her achievements have been recognized my numerous organizations and media, including Forbes Africa Magazine and The National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME) in New York who named her as an “Executive to Watch”.

Nwoko is also the Executive Producer of ‘Kids Say The Dardnest Things’ in Nigeria, which is in its second season; and the founder of Dance Nation, an initiative established to help advance the Dance industry in Africa.

Prior to starting ‘HEY, What’s On?’ Nwoko worked with Optima Media Group (OMG) as the Deputy Director of International Sponsorship and Sales and Group’s Development Strategy. One of her major projects was Nigerian Idol, an exciting, groundbreaking venture that showcased Nigeria’s musical talent through the international syndicated media format. Nwoko was centrally responsible for setting up the structures and framework that would make the Nigerian Idol a marketable and profitable project; and her leadership created the environment for the show’s unprecedented success, attracting sponsors like Etisalat, Pepsi, Sony, Tom Tom, Royal Exchange and much more; and seamless relationship with Idols franchise holder, Fremantle Media.


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