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LALAL.AI – A DIY Online Tool for Removing Vocals or Beats to a Song

by Felix Omondi

Thanks to the advancing technologies, we’re currently living deep in the era of DIYs (Do It Yourself). If you are a writer, you no longer need a big publishing house to get your book out; Amazon Kindle self-publishing has got you. If you are a painter, you no longer need a big art showcase event; social media (ArtStation, DevianArt, Instagram) has got you. If you are a musician, you can self-produce songs on a laptop and post them on SoundCloud or YouTube.

Technology has shattered the previous Tower-of-Babel, the analog bureaucratic system under the stewardship of highly prejudicial gatekeepers. If you don’t fit the gatekeepers’ idea of a proper candidate, you will be shut down in an instance by the power of their mighty pen.

To be precise, the internet has created alternative routes to reach your target audiences without passing through bureaucratic systems.

Introducing LALAL.AI – 100% AI-Powered Vocal and Instrumental Tracks Removal

At innov8tiv, we always have our radar scanning for the next innovative tech development. Well, the latest pop-up on that radar brought back LALAL.AI. An online audio separation service that allows splitting tracks and videos into stems (vocals, backtracks, piano, bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitars).

In a nutshell, you see that favorite track you keep pumping your speakers to, and know the lyrics by heart, you can split it into stems. That is, have the playback in just the vocals or the beats.

If you would like to captivate your TikTok fans with your ‘lyrics spitting skills,’ you can strip off the vocals of that popular song. Then have your voice over the original beats. Just to show off your music skills and your copy-cat mastery of the latest hit on the chats.


The online tool is free for us, but the muscular features with a heavy punch come at an affordable subscription plan. Under the freemium plan, you can work with a maximum of a 10-minutes long track with each file not exceeding 50MB in size. The audio can then be saved in only three formats: MP3, WAV, and OGG.

Those in need of a beefier plan can subscribe to the premium features that come with fewer limitations. Also, the techies can port the LALAL.AI into their various applications or websites since the developers have availed the API for 3rd party integration.

Over to you

Now you have more arsenal of tools at your disposal to showcase your singing or DJ abilities. You simply take the track of a song you like, upload it to the LALAL.AI website, strip off the part of the track you want, and use it accordingly. Remember, the terms and conditions in terms of music copyrights apply. So be sure not to get yourself into trouble.

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