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Land Surveying In Kenya


Land Surveying In Kenya

Leading property portal looks importance of land surveying before buying land

You have saved a whole year for a gift for yourself during the Christmas season and investing in a property is what you’ve chosen to reward yourself with. Buying a piece of land will definitely go a long way in your quest for climbing the property ladder that at times looks like a reverie.

Land surveying is the process of calculating the size of the land ascertaining the boundaries of the parcel of land and preparing a registry index which is then given to the registrar of lands for a deed plan. The deed plan gives the dimensions and legal owner of the land.

Lamudi Kenya General Manager Cynthia Nyamwathi commented that: “During the month of December many people tend to buy properties and one needs to be cautious to ensure dubious people do not take advantage of the current situation.”

Land Surveying In KenyaWith the recent revocation of title deeds by the government, is a clear sign the land survey is necessary before buying a piece of land.

This will ensure that you are investing in a secure parcel of land, that is free from fraudulent activities.

Land surveying will also enable you to establish boundaries on the piece of land and ensure that the land being sold is valid and of the correct size as it is stipulated on the title deed. This will prevent you from losing your hard earned money from unscrupulous sellers.

Nyamwathi added that even during subdivision of the property to your family, as a gift during the festive season, a land survey is required to come subdivide the land appropriately. Neighbours should also be involved in the land surveying to avoid disputes.

When purchasing a piece land you need the approval of the land-owner and copy of the title deed for land surveying to be conducted. You will also need approval from the local authority or commission of lands when the land is leased from the government to conduct the survey. It takes a day to 6 months; rural to urban areas respectively, depending on the location of the land.

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