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Laptop Battery not Charging Problem [Fixed]

by Fahad Saleem

Laptop Battery not Charging Problem [Fixed]

The primary purpose of the laptop is using them as a portable device. If its battery is not working properly, it is almost completely useless. This article will show you multiple laptop battery not charging scenarios and their solutions.

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Causes of Laptop Battery Not Charging and Fixing Them Properly

Overheating of Battery or Laptop

Some sophisticated laptops have built-in temperature sensors that will stop the battery charging automatically as soon as the laptop or battery reaches a pre-set temperature. This issue can be easily resolved by turning off the laptop for a while so that it cools down. It is also a good idea to clean the cooling ducts and heat sinks of CPU/GPU with the compressed air or vacuum.

Battery Drives Issues

The default driver of battery for your Windows may be corrupt or incorrectly installed. If the issue persists, it is a nice idea to download the newer drivers directly from your manufacturer.

Battery Contacts Not Properly Cleaned

If the metal contacts of the battery contain some foreign material such as dirt, then their contact with the power circuit will not be proper. It is a good idea to clean the contacts of the battery regularly to ensure proper charging.


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Use of Incorrect AC Adapter

The laptop battery won’t charge if you are using the incorrect AC Adapter for charging it. The wattage requirements may not be satisfied by the charger. It is not necessary that the AC adapter is manufactured by the same company as the laptop. This issue is fixed by checking the power requirements of your battery and then purchasing the suitable AC adapter for it.

It is also possible that the AC adapter is damaged and the power is not transmitted to the battery. It is the time to replace it.

The Icon of Battery Always Shows as Empty

It happens at times that the battery icon shows up as empty even though you have put your laptop battery on charging for a long time. There must be some problem with the hardware of your laptop that is hindering the charging of the battery. Seek some guide about the hardware issues of the battery.

The Battery Charge Never Reaches 100%

When the battery of your laptop is too old, it will never get charged to the full extent. It is also possible that the battery meter is not accurate to measure the complete charge of your battery. It is a good idea to replace your battery if the problem persists.

The Battery Gets Depleted Fast after Getting Charged Completely

The battery may get depleted at a rapid rate even when it is fully charged. In this case, you are either using a damaged or old battery that doesn’t hold the charge anymore.

In all the above scenarios, you need to diagnose the laptop battery not charging issues before fixing them. More than 90% problem is fixed when you diagnose the root cause.

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