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Latest Features in Firefox 34 for Desktop and Android

Latest Features in Firefox 34 for Desktop and Android

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Firefox 34, is now launched. You can easily download the updates instantly on your Desktop and Android devices. The new features are incorporated, mostly on the end-user side. The Android version of the update doesn’t contain significant improvements in terms of developer or end-user features apart from the Chromecast mirroring feature. The most amazing feature of Firefox 34 is “Firefox Hello”, which allows users to share private messages in an innovative manner. The audio and video messages can be exchanged, but the service is still in beta phase.Some other worth considering features are the new theme switcher and solution to the error message that shows Firefox is already running. Take a look at the features in somewhat more detail.


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Firefox 34 Features for Desktop

Firefox Hello

This feature can be easily activated from the Customize page. First of all, click on the hamburger icon on top right. You will see speech bubble caption saying “Hello”. You need to click it for starting the conversation. If you are enable to see this option, then you must go to about:config and then modify the value of the loop.throttled string to “false” by double clicking. Now, you should see the option on the Customize page.

You just need to click the icon and share the link with the person whom you want to chat with. The other user doesn’t need to use Firefox for chatting.


Theme Switching

The Customize page also contains a quick theme switcher. When you hover the mouse over a theme, you can see the preview in the current window.


Fix for Firefox Already Running

The error message related to Firefox already running

when you open it, is initiated when Firefox is not closed properly as a Process. This problem may seem small to you, but it will prevent you from launching Firefox. The new version caters for this problem and you will not see this message again.

App Manager is Replaced by WebIDE

This is the major change for IOS developers. The app manager has been replaced by a new feature, called as WebIDE. You can easily access it from the developer options. You can use it for creating, editing, and testing web apps within Firefox.



Firefox Android

Revamped UI

Firefox is on its way towards improvement in the mobile version. The latest update provides minor changes that will improve the overall look of the browser. You will appreciate the refreshed color palette.

Chromecast Mirroring

If you use a Chromecast device, hit the button on the top right, go to Tools and you will see a Mirror Chromecast option.

Firefox 34 will certainly offer better user experience on Desktop as well as mobiles. Support for more HTML 5 elements is also present. Firefox 34 may not include drastic changes from previous versions, but Firefox Hello is itself a huge feature, which marks the significance of the update.

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