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Latest Opera Mini With High & Extreme-Compression Mode Saving More Mobile Data

by Felix Omondi
Latest Opera Mini With High & Extreme-Compression Mode Saving More Mobile Data

Most people browsing on their mobile devices while on the mobile data plan are always concerned about maxing out their data plan. This concern is shared between users living in industrialized countries where Internet speeds are fast and those living in developing nations with slow Internet speeds.

However, Opera Software ASA, the Norwegian software maker best known for their data saving mobile browser (Opera Mini), have come up with yet a better solutions to address these concerns.

Opera Mini browsers have long been known for their data compression technology that makes webpages load faster while consuming less data on mobile devices. Most users prefer using Opera Mini on their mobile devices as it saves data and enables them to pay less for their mobile data connections. This Opera Mini advantage is attributed to the data compression technology where the user’s requested web pages are first routed through Opera Mini’s data compression servers. The Opera Mini’s data compression servers compress the web pages significantly without affecting the quality of the web pages displayed on the user’s mobile device.

On September 7, 2015, Opera Software ASA released the latest Opera Mini browser for Android with even better data compression technology. The new version comes with the following data compression option:

High-Compression Mode: This option allows users to compress web pages when they are surfing on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network without affecting the quality of web pages being displayed on their devices.

Extreme-Compression Mode: This option extremely compresses web pages and gives users the extremely scaled-down version of web pages on their devices. It is suitable for users on the extremely slow network as it increases the speed at which the pages load on your device. It is also ideal for users looking to get the most out of their limited mobile data plan.

Only half of the mobile population in India is connected to 3G Networks, while, in Indonesia, more than half of all smartphone users experience network problems daily. And, people all over the world turn off their phones while traveling, due to fear of data-roaming costs. In each case, Opera Mini offers a better web experience,” said Lar Boilesen, the CEO at Opera Software ASA.

We are continuously striving to improve user experience, lowering barriers to get online in all kinds of conditions.”

The latest Opera Mini release is also being touted to come with better UI for saved pages and bookmarks. In addition to better capability in handling big downloads while in High-Compression mode. It also comes with a better scalable interface with a higher resolution suitable for use tablets and big-screened smartphones.

To download the latest Opera Mini browser with the High-Compression Mode and Extreme-Compression Mode, click here.

About Opera Mini Browser

Opera Software ASA has set a goal of reaching 275 million users on Android by the end of 2017. The company also wants its Opera Mini browser to become the most widely used mobile browser within the fast-growing emerging economies.

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