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Leaked pictures of the next Google Pixel XL | 2017 Pixels

by Felix Omondi
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We could be just a couple of months away from the release of the next generation of Google Pixel phones. That is if a leak by the Android Police proves to be true; the publisher published what is now believed to be leaked photos of Google’s next Pixel phone.

Though a leak, these pictures have a high probability of being what they say they are; Android Police has an impressive track record of publishing rumors and leaks that turn out to be true. Especially when it comes to Nexus and Pixel devices, the publisher’s early rumors and leaks have turned out to be true.

If this Android Police leakage turns out to be true like others before it, it appears Google is borrowing some few design inspirations from LG and Samsung. As the phone has smaller bezels surrounding the OLED display compared to the 2016 Google Pixel.

The phone is even taller (6 inches to be precise) and slimmer with an aspect ratio of 2:1 like the LG G6. The phone’s look is not that much different from the Samsung Galaxy S8, except for the fact that the display seems more flat with curving glass at its edges.

HTC made the 2016 Google Pixel phone. Its successor, the 2017 Pixels are being made by LG. The leakage goes further to say that the next Pixel XL smartphone could be squeezed to activate extra software features. Just like the HTC flagship phone does; which is a weird thing considering HTC is not making this phone, though it did make its predecessor.

The 2016 Pixel vs. the 2017 Pixel

As far as the design outlook is concerned, there is nothing overly different between the 2017 and 2016 Pixel phone models. Well, other than the fact the 2017 model seems more refined all around. The 2017 model still has a glass window on the back, although a bit smaller compared to the 2016’s model. The fingerprint sensor has now been integrated into the aluminum body.

Perhaps one more thing different with the 2017 model is the back camera; it is noticeably bigger than what is on the current Pixels. While we are on camera, it appears Google is skipping the now trending dual-lens as the next generation of Pixels come with just one lens. Again, another weird development given it is LG producing these phones, and LG has made a name for itself in the dual-lens smartphone department.

Other features not revealed in the leaked picture

The single picture leaked by Android Police leaves a lot of questions than answers. Does the 2017 Pixel come with wireless charging capabilities? Is the phone dust and waterproof? What are its color options and specs?

Experts informed guess say Google will release the 2017 Pixels sometime in October; probably early October. Hopefully, Google will have learned from, and improved from last year’s Pixels release that was marred with Bluetooth problems and availability issues.

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