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Learn SQL Server 2012 Step by Step: Best Resources to Learn SQL Free

by Fahad Saleem

Learn SQL Server 2012 Step by Step: Best Resources to Learn SQL Free

As a part of database management system, you need to learn SQL that is a wonderful utility introduced by Microsoft. The primary purpose of SQL server is to store and retrieve the data as demanded by other software applications on the server. You can use SQL server 2012 tutorials and other online sources to master it and excel in the database management at your company. Following are some of the best resources to learn SQL server 2012 for free.

Learn SQL Free of Cost

Virtual Labs

This website contains training videos for learning SQL Server 2012. There are 19 labs with duration between 45 to 60 minutes. The topics such as AlwaysOn Availability Groups and Upgrading to SQL Server 2012 are covered. You don’t need to shell out money for learning SQL Server 2012 using this source. No extra hardware or licensing is required for learning SQL Server 2012. You just need to have fast internet with a web browser. Although, you cannot tinker with every feature, yet there are sufficient tools with which you can play.

Free SQL Server 2012 Books Online

Online books related to SQL Server 2012 are available for free here. You can get all the required information for free. You can search on a huge range of topics and get valuable information about them. The information is usually used by the technical writers for writing research materials on SWL Server 2012.

Microsoft Prep Guides

This resource contains the material that you need to learn before appearing for the test of certification. You need to master these objectives and sub-objectives. You will find some tabs in this resource that offer plenty of information and options regarding learning different Microsoft tools like SQL server.

The training material is present for various levels in SQL Server 2012. You can move from scratch to higher levels very easily by learning the training material and then appearing for the exam. At the highest level, you would be able to implement database management models for your business and find the business intelligence solutions. You will be able to implement various data management techniques and algorithms. You will gain a deep insight into the data obtained from clients.

Free e-Book: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012

This free e-book provides the basic overview about SQL Server 2012 and will introduce you some new features in it. This is a vast reservoir of information about SQL Server 2012. You must download it if you want to have a firm grip on this wonderful tool.

Free download SQL Server 2012 at this link and gear up for employing it for database management at your company.

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