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Legal Access App Giving Kenyans Access To Legal Representation Via Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are to Kenya, what credit cards are to the Western Nations. We use them to do business, send money, and communicate among other things. Now, thanks to mobile app technology, Kenyans can now enjoy legal advice from qualified local advocates via the Legal Access app.

Legal Access is a mobile app that has just launched in the Kenyan market seeking to make

legal services readily available from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. The Legal Access platform has also registered over 5,000 local advocates who have been approved by the bar to practice law in Kenya.

The app’s developer says, “Users can enhance their search according to their preference which includes filtering and sorting, connect to an advocate on the go using their respective contact information provided under the advocates page, view a list of the advocates in their respective practice area and share the advocates profile with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other available channels.”

Users can download the Legal Access app completely free of charge.

The developer of the app, Mukeli Matei, argues that the app’s targets it to create an open access to legal services for the members of the public. In addition to value creation to Kenya’s advocates by expanding their client based.


says that the Legal Access app will expand advocates client base by up to 95% of the untapped market. Thus, advocates will be able to expand their legal services provision to even Kenyans living in marginalized regions and need of legal advice. On top of that, advocates will also be able to advertise their services on a specialized platform where virtually all visitors to that platform will be looking for some form of legal representation.

To take a look at the Legal Access app review, and read the publisher’s notes. Head on to Google Play where you can also download the app to your Android device. Alternatively you can visit the publisher’s website here.

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