LG Display rolls out a 65-inch roll able OLED TV

lg oled tv lg roll able tv oled tv

Think of a TV set that you could roll up to watch, then roll down and move it just as easily as you would a wallpaper hanging. That was the conceptual wallpaper TV LG introduced to the world about four years ago. Now the company has the fully baked product, 65-inch rollup OLED TV. When you want to watch simply put the base at the appropriate location, and pull up your TV. You can roll it down again, and easily transport it inside the small base. Other than the roll-up OLED TV, LG has also launched an 88-inch 8K OLED TV with Crystal Sound Tech; a technology that embeds speakers directly into the screen. The company is also promising laptops and desktop monitors with embedded speakers right into their screens. LG will also show off its new OLED TV that merely upgrades from 2.1 channel audio to 3.1 without installation of extra speakers.

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