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LG Rolls Out Smart Bulb that Connects with iOS and Android

LG Rolls Out Smart Bulb that Connects with iOS and Android

Surely Thomas Edison would be proud of the innovation brought by LG very recently. The company will soon uncover a series of smart bulbs that will provide some interesting features

for you apart from lighting purposes only. These low wattage bulbs carry long life. You may screw the smart bulb into the lamp and it will
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keep glowing until the unveiling of Apple iPhone 16. These bulbs have the capability to work with iOS 6 and higher as well as Android 4.3 and higher to remotely controlling lighting of your home. In this way, you can deceive your neighbors about the presence of the people in the home even though nobody would be there. This feature also saves you from the risk of theft at your home when you are away.

When you want to have some entertainment then Smart Bulb will offer lights of different colors in coincidence with the music. This feature is

available for 4.3 or higher. The bulbs will pulse on the tone of music. They can amazingly adapt to the kind of tone. Smart bulb also carries an interesting feature of glowing when a call is coming on your smartphone. You will get an additional alert for incoming calls in this way in addition to ring tone if you have your mobile on complete silent mode. The power of the bulbs is around 10W.

The smart bulbs to be inaugurated by LG are not the only connected bulbs around in the world. Very recently, a company called AwoX released a light bulb that can double as a Bluetooth speaker. Some other Kickstarter projects to make connected bulbs are also observed such as LIFX. Such type of connected bulbs requires Wi-Fi for enabling them.

LG is planning to launch smart bulbs in South Korea in a few days time. The price is estimated to be around $32. It is not yet sure whether the smart bulbs will be released for US or not.

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