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Life of a Programmer Summed Up in These 19 Funny GIFs

by Fahad Saleem

Life of a Programmer Summed Up in These 19 Funny GIFs


Programming is perhaps one of the daunting task in the modern world. Programmers spend hours and hours, restless nights to make a damned piece of script work, but sometimes( in my case, majority of times), things don’t go as they should. Programmer has no option but to harness this grueling frustration into something funny. Here are some funny GIFs that perfectly illustrate the life of a computer programmer.

When the project manager enters the room

life of programmer 1


When a programmer is about to compile the code for deployment after hours of work


life of programmer 2


When a programmer is trying to find a bug at 3 AM in the morning


life of programmer 3

And when he is told that the module he worked on is not going to be used in the project 


life of programmer 5

When the client accepts the software


life of programmer 6


When the admin root server access is finally given to programmers


life of programmer 7


When a junior developer gives his silly suggestions about the project and code


life of programmer 13


When the Quality Assurance Team responds with the list of Bugs, and the bug starts in 1…2…3….


life of programmer 10


When a client wants to add requirements just before one day of final release of the project


life of programmer 17


When the boss says you can go home as soon as you finish this code task


life of programmer 14


When the script works finally……


life of programmer 18

When a bug goes unnoticed during the project presentation and demonstration

life of programmer 12


When the boss is looking for someone to urgently work on a task


life of programmer 11


When the programmer shows his weeks of work for the first time to his boss


life of programmer 8


When a programmer fixes a bug without using Google 


life of programmer 19



When the boss suddenly looks at your screen 


life of programmer 16


When your colleague asks you to stay in the office to help him with some work


life of programmer 15



When everybody in the office is still working and you have done the task and about to leave for home


life of programmer 9

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