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LinkedIn got the memo, Video-first drives Social Media engagements

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LinkedIn is not your ordinary social media platform. It is a place you go to put your best foot forward. No, not your pedicured foot touching the waves splashing on the shores. Your best foot in terms of professional, academics and career achievements.

However, compared to other social networks, LinkedIn simply just doesn’t have the numbers. People come to it every now and then, but nowhere near as frequent as they come to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp among other leading social networking platforms.

Why? Well, the other social media have catchy and trendy stuff in animations. It is a fact, most people don’t like to read. We like getting our infotainment through videos, but LinkedIn has for long been going hard on texts, and few pictures here and there.

That is fine, but the truth still remains, videos capture and retains people’s attention much easier compared to text. Towards the end of 2018, LinkedIn finally got the memo; video-first is the way to go.

Though the platform still does not support live videos, it has launched some pretty impressive suite of features targetting both the individual and brand marketers. Marketers now have the ability to do video advertisements on LinkedIn; it comes as a sponsored video post on their pages.

Individuals, on the other hand, can record video then post on their personal pages. The company’s own stats show video content have 20x more engagement compared to other types of content posted therein.

Also, users spend three times longer viewing video ads by marketers compared to other promotional contents shared on the platform. The company was so impressed by these engagements that it created an online video creator Animoto that gives users templates for creating video contents.

LinkedIn + Animoto = Better Video presentation

Now marketers have an easier time creating video content; leadership videos, product videos, and video ads using the built-in storyboard by LinkedIn. The platform meets the needs of any brand for creating video ads that meet your unique budget.

It is interesting to note, that LinkedIn research shows most of the LinkedIn videos are watched with the sound off. I would presume that is because people watching them do so during office hours.

If you have given the LinkedIn video maker a go, and found it not quite satisfying. Then, here is a link to another video maker that has quite been impressing creatives around the world.

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