LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Learning an online course to teach entrepreneurs the soft skills needed to do business

LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Learning an online course to teach entrepreneurs the soft skills needed to do business

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn professionals networking platform has released a new product in the market that ought to pick your attention as a business or entrepreneur. Dubbed LinkedIn Learning, this is a new online portal where you can visit and discover courses that will sharpen your business acuity.

The corporate world out there is a fast paced cut-throat industry, with no mercy for the un- and underprepared startups and entrepreneurs. Even if you think you have mastered your art, truth be told learning is a continuous process, the more you can get the better armed you shall be to tackle the world.

LinkedIn Learning has learning materials from, other e-Learning platforms, and contents from professionals at LinkedIn and its network. The platform uses artificial learning to recommend you the best courses suitable for you; there are over 9,000 courses and more are to be added. The recommendations are based on your specific individual goals, so it is unlikely that two or more learners get the same recommendation; especially when their goals are different.

The platform is open to both companies and individual entrepreneurs. Once you embark on a course, you can learn at your own pace; whenever you find time to log in online and take the classes. The entire course has been broken down into small segments, and you can access the course on virtual any internet enabled device.

The courses are currently being provided in English, with some being in French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. Before its launch, LinkedIn ran the program in beta with some beta testers including companies like Box, NBCUniversal, Bertelsmann, Viacom, and Ellie Mae. Already, thousands of learners have been through the LinkedIn Learning in its pilot phase, and the comments they share echo the one below:

It provides great content and recommendations, all through a great user experience. People wouldn’t be coming back unless the content and recommendations were good,” said Terence Morley, the talents development director at NBCUniversal.

 LinkedIn Learning is Free and available Now

If you have been looking to brush up your business acuity and add some more professionalism in your organization or startup, you can start these courses today and for free at this link. It would also appear that the online learning platform was not the only thing LinkedIn had up its sleeves:

This is just our first step,” wrote LinkedIn in a statement. “We’re investing in LinkedIn Learning while continuing to enhance the platform that our customers and members know and love. Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. And launching LinkedIn Learning is a big milestone in our journey.

Check out the video below, for more goodies LinkedIn has launched for you as the entrepreneur or company looking to brush up your business acuity.

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