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Why Linux Lite should be your ideal Laptop OS of choice when you’re planning to work off grid

by Milicent Atieno
linux lite

Have you ever had to work off the grid? Where you don’t get easy access to wall power outlet and the alternative such as solar power are not that reliable. Or have you had to take a long flight but would have preferred not to sleep throughout and instead get some work done on your laptop? Whichever, the case, your biggest concern is always your laptop battery dying and you having to hustle to get a reliable option to recharge your computer.

What if you could extend your laptop battery life ten folds?

Admittedly, Windows and macOS make a very user-friendly operating system. However, they do run multiple programs in the background and compared to options such as Linux Lite, these OSes hog your computer resources. Be it your processor, RAM, hard disk, or battery power.

If you want your computer to run longer on battery, you should consider switching to Linux Lite. As you have probably made out of the name, this Linux distro is very minimal with your computer resources. It can run smoothly even in resource-deficient computers with 700 MHz processor and 512MB RAM. It is popular with users with very old or legacy computers just lying around because modern version of Windows and other OS won’t support such hardware.linux lite

Though Linux Lite has minimal-footprint, it nonetheless packs power features to help you get your work done, and get it done right. It has a simple Xfce desktop and adapts the Windows-style Start menu. It is one of the best Linux distros for users switching from Windows to Linux for the first time.

If you run this OS on your standard computer, you are bound to get faster operation (switching from one app to the other) with no lag as sometimes experienced in Windows or macOS computers when running multiple apps. It will also give you more working time per battery charge. Since the OS is very light; minimal background activities in the background, your battery will drain much slower than it does when running Windows or macOS distribution.

Thus, it is the ideal OS when you plan to work off the grid and getting wall power outlet to recharge your laptop battery will be a problem. The OS also doesn’t come with excessive programs that clutter up your menus and home directories. Instead, it leaves it up to you to install a  collection of work and play programs that you feel you need. Some Linux distro come bloated with programs, most of which you don’t need and will probably never use. So you either take your time to uninstall them, or learn to ignore them.

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