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This is the list of all Chromebooks vulnerable to Meltdown – as listed by Google

by Felix Omondi

I suppose by now everyone who has heard about the Meltdown bug, is worried about the security of their data. However, not every computer is affected, and for Chromebook users, Google has published a list of computers that could be potential victims of this vulnerability.

The list by Google has the names of the devices which are vulnerable, which are not, and which ones have already been patched. The list is published in the Chromium Wiki in table form. For devices with ‘Yes’ or ‘Not Needed’labeled in the ‘CVE-2017-5754 mitigations (KPTI) on M63?’ they are safe to use. For devices with ‘no’ in that column, they will need an update to fix the vulnerability, and you are highly advised to update such devices ASAP if you haven’t yet.

For devices marked ‘EoL’ (which means ‘end-of-life’), Google will never issue any security patches or updates as they are no longer supported. If you are still using such a device, you are advised to get a new Chromebook; one that is supported by Google.

You can view the full list published by Google at this link.

The Meltdown vulnerability affects mainly computers running on Intel chips (however, ARM chips too are being reported to be vulnerable), but it appears devices own by Google are already protected. Chromebooks using the 3.18 or 4.4 Linux kernel are safe.

To check whether your Chromebook is protected or not, go to chrome://gpu then under the Operating System row check in the table marked Version Information.

It is important that you know the Meltdown vulnerability (alongside Spectre) are weaknesses embedded deep in the architecture of the most popular chip in the world. It is a fundamental flaw that most security experts say it is something that might not go away quickly and easily.

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