The little-beloved workhorse phone Nokia 3310 is making a comeback at this year’s MWC

The little-beloved workhorse phone Nokia 3310 is making a comeback at this year’s MWC

If you are a tech enthusiast, you must know that the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) is just around the corner. Even if you are not looking forward to this year’s MWC, it is hard you could have missed all the MWC news doing rounds on the internet. Most news being predictions of the ‘who’ is launching ‘whats’ at this event.

Well, VentureBeat’s prediction seems to be out there; really, really out there in space. The tech news site writes that HMD, the company that has gotten a license from Nokia, to make Nokia-branded phones, is planning on re-introducing the Nokia 3310. Thank God, Nokia untimely death at the hands of Microsoft will be a short lived horror. Now, the same God hear our prayers on BlackBerry who went RIP just recently.

Yes, the very Nokia 3310 that was first released back in 2000 and became one of the best-selling phones in history. The phone was affordable, durable like a brick but will not brick easily. The Nokia 3310 build the Nokia brand as an OEM that makes durable phones, unlike the smartphones we have today. Just one drop, and you pick the broken screen east, the battery south, the casing west, and the internal circuitry north. The only thing you hope for is that the phone repair shop down the street can buy some of its components to be used as spare parts.

If VentureBeat’s predictions are correct, then folks, be prepared to see one of the most reliable phones in the history of phones be re-launched at this year’s MWC. Well, it would be a complete lack of creativity on HMD’s part if the new 3310 is exactly as the old 3310. Thus, said we expect some levels of alterations, tweaks, and pimps here and there on the beloved little workhorse at the MWC display.

 There is also a prediction on the expected retail price. The Nokia 3310 is expected to retail at $62. Judging by the price. It seems the upgrades, tweaks, and pimps will not go as far as graduating the 3310 into the league of the smartphones. It will, after all, remain a reliable workhorse phone that just makes and receives calls, sends and receives SMS, and hopefully, the snake game will be improved.

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