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Live Dealer Games vs. Online Casinos: Which is Better for the Authentic Casino Experience?


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Live dealer casino games are online games played with human dealers instead of computers and were introduced in the mid-2000s when video streaming became accessible. Evolution Gaming was one of the first companies to launch a full suite of table games with live dealers in 2006. Although sceptical at first, players loved this new way to play their favourite casino games. Evolution started with one studio in Eastern Europe and now has 8 studios around the world, including one in a land-based casino. They remain the leader in the industry and offer games to operators and players worldwide.

Despite the rise of online gambling, there was a significant difference between online casino games and the traditional in-person experience. As the popularity of online gambling increased, live casino games were developed to bridge that gap. At the same time, developers continued to improve random number generator (RNG) based online gambling, indicating that both types of online gambling are still in demand. Popular betting and gaming platforms such as Betway have invested in both sets of games to attract as many players as possible, but which one is the best choice for you? Today, we will examine all the facts to help you decide.

Game selection

Both live and online casinos offer a wide variety of games to cater to different types of players, but online casinos usually have a larger selection, including not only table games but also slots. On the other hand, live casinos specialize in providing various table games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette, offering a diverse collection for table games enthusiasts. It’s essential to remember to play responsibly regardless of which type of casino you prefer.

The experience

The two types of casino sites offer distinct gaming experiences, with online casinos catering to individual players while live casinos offer multiplayer games. Online casinos use RNGs, while live casinos use human dealers, which are visible on-screen due to live streaming. The use of computers allows for clear tracking of game history. Live casino games also offer more betting options, and players can interact with the dealer. It is important to enjoy both types of casinos responsibly.


While online and live casinos have their differences, there are also some similarities. Both casinos are available online, meaning players can access them 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. Players also don’t have to worry about dress codes for either type of casino. However, live casinos offer players a unique experience as they are broadcast from various locations around the world, giving players the feeling of travelling without actually leaving their homes.

Live dealer games have proven potential and have an edge, but RNG-operated games still have their benefits, such as requiring less internet speed and bandwidth. However, the trend towards technological upgrades and innovations adopted by Betway, among other market players will make live dealer games more accessible to all types of players. Live dealer games are said to outperform RNG-operated games, and we predict that RNG-operated games will become secondary compared to live dealer games in ten to twenty years.

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