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Live Investment Webcasting Tactics To Drive More Investment During the COVID-19 Era


The COVID-19 pandemic has created many restrictions for business owners. Due to the unprecedented market fluctuations, revenues had reduced drastically. But now that things are starting to go back to normal, business owners can start looking for investors to improve the situation.

Meeting investors can still prove a bit of a challenge since coronavirus vaccinations have not yet started. But you can use virtual methods to drive more investments in 2021. Webcasting is one of those virtual technologies which has gained immense popularity in the current times.

With webcasting, you can hold a virtual meeting and provide a presentation to your investors via the Internet. The technology uses high-quality video and audio streaming, which makes it perfect for professional users. You can either create a live webcast or offer a pre-recorded presentation video, depending on what the investor wants.

Webcasting not only allows you to communicate with investors, but it also saves cost and increases efficiency. In this article, we will discuss some of the best webcasting tactics. These tactics might help you drive more investments for your company.

Use the Power of Videos

In the earlier days, most virtual pitches that reach investors were audio presentations. But with the current cloud-based streaming technology, you can use webcasting services to present a high-quality video to investors anywhere in the world. Many companies are using webcasting services to broadcast their Annual General Meetings (AGM) to attract investments.

Some investors may not be comfortable with a completely virtual AGM. You can have a hybrid AGM with the provision for local investors to attend the meeting in person while using webcasting services for those sitting elsewhere. There is a rising trend of companies live-streaming the capital markets day through webcasting services as well.

Bonus tip: If you are making a video of your webcasting presentation, we suggest using two cameras to record it. It will allow you to switch between the two cameras to create a dramatic effect and engage your audience.

Reach Investors All Over the World

Webcasting services offer you the opportunity to approach analysts and investors anywhere in the world. Therefore, we advise you to use webcast technology to its full potential and gain an international audience. One of the easiest ways to do that is to utilize the contacts you might have made during your last conference in another country before the pandemic started.

Webcasting is a great way to approach those prospective investors you may have met during your previous business trip. The technology also offers simultaneous translation if the investor does not speak your language.

Webcast Anywhere

Until a few years ago, webcasting technology was not advanced enough to offer mobile streaming. But now, you can connect with your stakeholders from any place that you feel is suitable. You investors and business analysts might be working round-the-clock during AGM season.

Therefore, you might have to offer your presentation anytime according to their convenience. By using mobile webcasting services, you have the flexibility and the likelihood to join their call from anywhere. Make sure that you do enough research and choose one of the best webcasting services that support live streaming on mobile devices.

Post Your Webcast on Your Website

When you offer a webcast of your AGM or capital markets Day, make sure you record and post your video on your website. It will allow you to reach a larger audience from various time zones. For example, you might have an investor who lives in a country where it is the middle of the night while you present a webcast of your AGM or capital markets day.

Uploading the video on your website is an effective way to reach an investor stationed halfway around the world. You can simply send them a link to the video so they can catch up with the financial aspects of your company when it is convenient for them.

Use Webcasting as an in-House Tool

Many companies have started using webcasting technology to broadcast information within their organization during the COVID-19 era. Key position holders and the company can offer updates to a large workforce using webcasting services.

The senior management team members can record the entire presentation in a meeting room and broadcast it virtually using webcast technology. They can also hold a hybrid meeting, where the local workforce can attend in person while the rest of the employees watch the live streaming from wherever they are located. These meetings can also get uploaded on the company’s website for the perusal of investors.

Webcasting is one of the best modern technologies that has solved many communication problems faced by businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have been struggling to touch-base with new or existing investors, you can use webcasting services to offer business presentations. We hope that by using these tactics, you can impress your stakeholders and drive more investments.

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